Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

What’s on TV today? Tuesday, January 10, 2023

12.35 / Movistar cinema Ñ

‘Lovers of the Arctic Circle’

Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

Spain, 1998 (104 minutes). Directed by Julio Medem. Cast: Fele Martinez, Najwa Nimri, Nancho Novo.

Julio Medem’s fourth film fills with poetic breath the love story that intertwined Anna and Otto, two creatures who move subject to the laws of chance while helplessly searching for themselves. The images of Los amantes del Círculo Polar show a torrent of sensations immersed in a magical, almost elusive universe where love and death dictate their inexorable laws. Another moving masterpiece from one of Spanish cinema’s most personal and unclassifiable directors.

13.35 / The 2

“Attack on Fort Clark”

1673326578 14 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

war arrow. United States, 1953 (75 minutes). Directed by George Sherman. Cast: Maureen O’Hara, Jeff Chandler, Suzan Ball, John McIntire.

A humble Western from George Sherman, a professional filmmaker but always overshadowed by the great writers, that recounts the attack on Fort Clark besieged by the Kiowas. A work that cleverly plays tricks on its solid screenplay, which avoids any presumption and which is based on the stimulating presence of Maureen O’Hara.

19.40 / The 2

“Page 2,” starring Javier Rovira

1673326580 63 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

The literary space of La 2 this week interviews the writer Javier Rovira, who will talk about his new novel, the thriller Mala mar. In addition, it will include an account of music books, time travel to show the state of the book in Spain in 1976 and will focus on the importance of the settings in the development of the novel’s plots.

20.15 / Movistar classic

‘the party’

1673326582 984 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

The party. USA, 1968 (95 minutes). Director: Blake Edwards. Cast: Peter Sellers, Marge Champion.

Blake Edwards’ ability to combine absurd comedy and visual elegance is at its peak in this madcap work. A cascade of gags that progresses relentlessly until it reaches a kind of abstraction where nonsense serves both as a social metaphor and an artifact of sheer amusement.

22.00 / TCM

‘Rich and famous’

1673326583 68 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

Rich and famous. USA, 1981 (117 minutes). Directed by George Cukor. Starring: Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen.

After more than sixty shoots, the master Cukor said goodbye to the cinema at the age of 82. Some who call themselves directors might take elegance classes by watching The Rich and Famous, a nostalgic portrait of two women, friends since teens, whose lives are apart but who remain together forever; one of them is a renowned writer, the other a best-selling author. From his hand, Cukor speaks about friendship, the passage of time and careerism.

22.00 / 1

Four thematic blocks for “Journey to the Center of Television”

1673326585 335 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

Four new thematic chapters of Viaje al centro de la tele appear, always with TVE archive images as support. Tonight, national artists who have sung in other languages ​​are remembered, as well as international artists who have dared to sing in Spanish. Later, the protagonists will be groups and soloists who have distinguished themselves for their originality in costumes, make-up or hairstyle. Finally, a compilation of TVE’s most colorful and curious performances.

22.30 / DMAX

The great volcano Yellowstone

1673326587 545 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its geysers and hot springs, but what drives these attractions is one of the world’s largest volcanoes. The documentary The Yellowstone Supervolcano examines the probabilities of an eruption and its devastating consequences.

22.45 / antenna 3

A new appointment with the series ‘Brothers’

1673326589 782 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

The Turkish series Hermanos will be continued on Antena 3. Today’s episode tells how Doruk can’t stand Kaan’s presence and disowns him as a brother. Meanwhile, Sengül sees the video of the accident on her cellphone and, concerned, goes to Akif’s house to ask for an explanation. Akif claims that Melisa and Kadir’s cars collided and offers him money in exchange for his silence.

23.55 / The 2

Chemical Submission, in ‘TV Documents’

1673326591 517 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

The Chemical Substitution, Annulled Wills report analyzes how one in three sexual assaults in Spain would have involved the victim under chemical substitution. Victims and experts describe a crime for which people are subjected to sexual assault, robbery or fraud, overriding their will and exploiting their vulnerability. An attack that occurs after the administration of substances such as GHB, ecstasy, burundanga, cocaine, barbiturates, ketamine, amphetamines, or benzodiazepines without the victim being aware of it.

23.55 / MKT

‘Total darkness’

1673326592 37 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

Dolores Claiborne. USA, 1995 (126 minutes). Director: Taylor Hackford. Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kathy Bates, Christopher Plummer.

Sometimes an unassuming director can vibrate with a flash of inspiration. And it is that this remarkable adaptation of a text by Stephen King is signed by the author of the horror as an officer and a gentleman. And it is not a complete work, but in his images, shot through with breaths of unrest, beats an unhealthy climate that reinforces the journey into the dark past of two women shrouded in mystery. The work of the indispensable Jennifer Jason Leigh adds even more sparkle to the show.

0.45 / Hollywood

‘The Life of Pi’

1673326594 540 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

USA, 2012 (127 minutes). Director: Ang Lee. Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, Gautam Belur, Taboo.

The three narrative sections of Life of Pi transport the viewer into three different films: the first 45 minutes is an example of anxious cinema (viewed in 3D, the film shows how this system only serves to destroy depth of field); Following the shipwreck sequence comes an hour of Ang Lee’s finest cinema, a performance account in which the filmmaker transcends history to reach unprecedented heights of visual creativity. Finally, the resolution turns everything on its head to build a smug fable with a New Age spirit, typical of a self-help book. It is convenient to enjoy the central part and quickly forget about the rest.

0.50 / AXN

Third season of “Transplant”

1673326596 247 Whats on TV today Tuesday January 10 2023

AXN premiered the third season of the Transplant series, which follows the life of Bashir, a Syrian doctor who flees the war with his sister and finds refuge in Canada. If you want to practice medicine again, you will have to start your medical education from scratch. At the beginning of this new season, Bashir’s decisions will lead to a conflict with the new head of the emergency department.

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