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What You Leave Me: True Story Plot Cast Movie Quotes About Jeremy Camp | Style style men’s fashion of the

What You Leave Me, the True Story of Jeremy Camp also in streaming and trailer

KJ Apa (Riverdale) and Britt Robertson in a scene from the film What do you leave me by Andrew and John Erwin on TV tonight at 9.25pm ​​on Rai 1. It is the true story of Jeremy Camp, one of Jeremy’s most famous representatives Camp “Christian Music”, Christian music, a real international phenomenon.

Tonight on TV, Wednesday 18 January, the film will be broadcast on Rai 1 at 21.25 what do you leave me about yourself by Andrew and Jon Erwin. The film is the true story of Jeremy CampAmerican Christian music star, and his wife Melissa.


The film What You Leave Me is inspired by the life of Jeremy Camp. As a musician, he decided in September 1999 to go to Calvary Chapel Bible College in California to become a theologian. Here he meets Jean-Luc LaJoie, already a recognized talent and musician, and then a friend, Melissa Henning. This encounter gave rise to an intense love story that even overcomes the suffering of her illness. Jeremy stays by her side, aided by music and faith.

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The plot of the film what do you leave me about yourself (published 2020) is from the book I Still Believe, which tells the story of Jeremy Camp and his wife Melissa’s illness. The young woman died of ovarian cancer in February 2001, four months after the wedding. He was 21 (Jeremy 23).

The trauma was so severe that he pushed jeremy to doubt the faith and above all to decide to give up music forever. Which he didn’t after accidentally finding a letter from Melissa. The young woman reminded him of the importance of faith in life’s dark moments. Thanks to his words, Jeremy found hope and a desire to play again.

And he never stopped. A few years later, during a concert, he sings the song I Still Believe (video below). The first written after Melissa’s death. The text is a homage to his wife and to the letter that gave him back the will to live. During this concert he met Adrienne, the former frontwoman of The Benjamin Gate. The woman confesses to Jeremy that she found great help in this song. A love story is born. Jeremy and Adrienne are now married and have three children. On behalf of Melissa…


KJ Apa (Actor best known for TV series Riverdale) And Britta Robertson they interpret each Jeremy Camp and the woman Melissa. The actor got the chance to speak to the real Jeremy and ask his advice on how to act, as he explained in an interview with Best movie. «During the shooting I happened to ask him for specific details about a certain moment or an action. But in general it was important to have him with us, to count on his help. There was a family atmosphere on set.”

For the actress Britt Robertson, too, meeting the “real” Jeremy was a fundamental encounter in order to be able to face her role better. “I used to ask him what kind of music Melissa likes. For me, capturing his spirit was more important than the details. Looking back on the days of filming, I really feel like part of their family.” Appearing alongside them in the cast: Nathan Parsons, Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump). Shania Twain, Ruben Dodd.

The most famous and romantic phrases of Cosa mi lasci di te, the movie tonight on Rai 1

Some stars shine brighter than others

I will be the love of your life and your biggest fan!

I keep thinking that if someone’s life changes because of what I’m going through, it will be worth it!

I want you to know that I will be with you no matter what! Every step, every moment I will be with you! I’m here and I’m ready for anything!

– Son, you’re only twenty, you’ve known this girl for a short time!

– I’m meant to be with her, I can’t say why, I just know!

WHAT YOU LEAVE ME: the differences between the BOOK (and true story) and the MOVIE

The film what do you leave me about yourself Some changes were made to the script compared to the book. Like the character of Jean-Luc who is romantically interested in Melissa in the film, while in the book, so in real life, they were the two of friends.

More details. In the film, the letter is found in the guitar, which the film does not tell. The wedding didn’t take place on the beach either, as we shall see tonight. A final difference between the film and the book concerns the relationship between Jeremy and his mother. A very deep bond that is not particularly emphasized in the film.

Jeremy Lager

The Real Jeremy Camp in concert in Nashville in 2015. Getty Photo

Who is Jeremy Camp and what is contemporary Christian music?

Jeremy Camp is one of the most successful exponents of contemporary Christian music. He has released 12 albums (including 4 gold records), had 3 American Music Awards nominations and one Grammys nomination (Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album 2020). It was his father, pastor of Harvest Chapel, who taught him to play the guitar. He’s a Christian radio superstar and is considered one of the genre’s leading songwriters thanks to Take You Back and Lay Down My Pride (video below).

The genre is contemporary Christian music. Born in the States between 1960 and 1979, she doesn’t come from gospel but rock (in fact, there’s also a subgenre of Christian rock). Born in Protestant churches, it was then partially accepted and “adopted” by the Catholic Church with the Second Vatican Council. In Anglo-Saxon countries and Latin America, it is a business that has repeatedly overtaken rock, jazz and classical music in terms of sales. A “fall” broke out in Italy in 2020 when the Reali band took second place in the Classical with the album Greatest Hits. Seconds after Lady Gaga’s Chromatica.

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Next February, from February 9th to 11th, the second Cristian Music Festival will take place in Sanremo… at the same time as the Italian Song Festival (7th-11th February)… In short, the phenomenon is spreading here too. . .