What will the legacy of Everything Everywhere be I hope

What will the legacy of Everything Everywhere be? “I hope it stays oldfashioned,” says director

When a film enters awards season or makes hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office or, as with Everything everywhere at the same time, the rare feat of achieving both then the question quickly arises: What is the legacy of the work? Will they still be remembered in a few decades or even centuries?

Accompanied collectively by omelet, the Tudo em Everywhere team gave different answers to the question. For Jamie Lee Curtis, for example “The legacy is love”: “Reconciliation, family, failure, triumph… The everyday parts of life that we all deal with. There’s nobody in the world who doesn’t deal with these things.”

Already Ke Huy Quan hopes the film will encourage people to “be kinder to one another,” just as Waymond’s role did for him. The director Daniel Scheinert agrees, but in his wry way: “Now that I’ve made a movie about kindness, I’ve got to be kind to people for the rest of my life, right? If not, I will stand there like a hypocrite and let all the fans down. It’s a good thing because it forces me to be nicer.”

However, whoever has the strangest answer is Scheinert’s creative partner, Daniel Kun: “If you make a film and you think about what his legacy will be, it’s definitely going to be a bad film. Honestly, Everything Everywhere wasn’t meant to be timeless. It is a rapid release of energy, an immediate response to the moment we are living in now. So I hope that the world will change in the next 20, 50 or 100 years and that our film won’t be that relevant because of that. I hope it becomes obsolete.”

Scheinert joins his friend’s bandwagon, adding, “Yeah, I hope that in 5 or 10 years we’ll fix all the bad social media algorithms, that everyone will stop hating and insulting each other and that we’ll all be a little bit more mentally healthy. . Then Everything Everywhere becomes a period film about how scary and weird it was in the past.”

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