What will Silvestre Dangond do when he retires These are

What will Silvestre Dangond do when he retires? These are their little known shops

Vallenato singer-songwriter Silvestre Dangond will leave the stage. In December 2022, in the middle of the San Juan del Cesar National Festival of Composers, he announced that he had already marked a date on his calendar to say goodbye.

I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be.

“It pains me to say but from January 14th bye family. I’ll be back if I feel different,” assured the “Marry me” interpreter.

Although he did not detail his departure, in one of his most recent presentations at the Cali Fair, he gave a three-minute, heartfelt reflection pointing out his past, present, and future: “I’m not perfect and I’m not perfect.” I don’t want to be either. Dedicate the time to yourself. The easiest thing in the world is to make money, health will not be restored, neither will mental health. There is nothing worse than money itself trying to make it Find”.

“All I can say is: Courage and Thank you for 20 years of artistic life, because you supported me and were always with me. I’m not complaining about anythingsaid the winner of two Latin Grammy Awards, a Lo Nuestro Award and two Nuestra Tierra Awards.


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Not only did he speak about his career, he also sent messages to his critics: “Those who betray you are the ones you love most and they know you will forgive them. (…) People are looking for you because of what you produce. As Archangel says, pay attention to how they treat you because they don’t need you anymore. So I want to see them all in a row. Thank god I was an organized man, intelligent between quotes, and I don’t just depend on music.”

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What else does Silvestre Dangond have to do besides music?

As the same Guajiro said, it’s not just supported by music. That’s why, During his “indefinite hiatus” he was able to devote himself to the ventures that have intensified in recent years and even give free rein to acting, as he did in the novel “Leandro Díaz”.

cars in Miami

The “Locuras mías” singer got super excited in 2021 when he opened Take The Key, a new and used car marketer in Miami, UNITED STATES. He has achieved one of his goals that he formulated some time ago.

“Ever since I was little I’ve loved cars, and all along I knew I would have a business unrelated to music, and not just one, but many. I explained it like this: From 40 to 55 I will devote myself to entrepreneurship,” he told local newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

He sold eight cars the day he opened the facility’s doors, but after 30 days he had already accumulated more than 50 vehicles.

“In Miami it’s better to have a car than a home because if you don’t, there’s nothing you can do. (…) (Take The Key) is a help center for people. Many immigrants come to the United States looking for an opportunity,” he added.

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He found a good partner for the car dealership: Ana Rincón, a concert producer, who told him about the idea. Dangond trusted her and perked up.

They sell cars from $1,500 (more than seven million Colombian pesos) to $10,000 (more than 48 million pesos), as can be seen on the website.

A label that would have brought him trouble

A few months after opening the car dealership in Miami, he ventured into another musical project. He started a record label to attract young Vallenato talent.

In July 2021, Under the Music Dreams label, it welcomed Rafa Roncallo, Beto Urieles, Mario Fuscaldo, Luis Ra Solano, Fred Quintero and Roland Valbuena Jr. It was hoped that the artists could shine with the patronage in this genre.

But everything would have fallen. According to local media, the five-year deal the boys signed with the Dangond label was unilaterally terminated in 2022.

“It’s something that makes you sad because you know Silvestre is a responsible and serious person and you’ve released other projects that he had to establish in this one and look how it turned out… but you have to him move forward in the name of God,” Fred Quintero expressed his disappointment at the El Pilón outlet.

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Of course, the Music Dreams platforms were not closed. They constantly share pictures and videos of Dangond on their social networks.

A Vallenato restaurant

A billboard in a Valledupar shopping center caused a surprise in April 2022. “Coming soon (very soon) El Rubi, Signature Cuisine. By: Silvestre Dangond,” read the sign, which was accompanied by images of two dishes (meat with various vegetables and salads).

However, the ‘Deny Me Three Times’ singer has kept a low profile on this restaurant.

Rum with Abelardo de la Espriella

One of his latest ventures is a partnership with attorney Abelardo de la Espriella. “For several years I have been working on a project that I have put my soul, heart and life into. And since you’re always on the go, I want you to be the first to know about it,” he commented when he launched it in September 2022.

Is about Ron Defensor, an alcoholic beverage “Thought of you, my followers, who delight in things well made,” as described in one of the promotional videos.

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As this newspaper explained at the time, the rum is made from Panamanian tafias (sugar cane distillates), aged in American oak barrels and bottled in Colombia in bottles designed in Italy.

It is sold in two presentations: Defensor Style 12 year old rum priced at 224,900 pesos and Defensor Premium Style 18 year old rum priced at 299,900 pesos.

With all these ventures, Silvestre Dangond would not have to worry financially if he gave up music altogether. As he said at Cali Fair, in addition to his business side, he will focus on his three children and his wife Piery Avendaño.

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