What was the division of assets after the divorce

What was the division of assets after the divorce?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen announced the end of their 13year marriage last week. According to the American website Page Six an expert in the world of celebs the separation process went quickly due to a strict marriage contract between the two.

“Before they got married in 2009, there was a strict marriage contract. They both have their own separate business entities, so separating their fortunes ended up not being that complicated. The only other important factor was the allocation of their huge real estate portfolio. said a source heard by the website.

The news outlet claims the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback will keep the $17 million mansion under construction on Miami’s Indian Creek Island. The excouple bought the property for me in 2020 and demolished it.

Gisele, meanwhile, will keep her home on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula where they vacationed in February this year.

In recent weeks, the Post revealed that Gisele bought a “modest” threebathroom apartment for $1.25 million before the divorce, as well as a larger home in the same area. Page Six says she will use the smaller lot as an office.

The Brazilian supermodel has in her real estate portfolio a house in the Bahamas, another in the Yellowstone Club in Montana (USA) and another apartment in New York where she lived during the breakup.

The divorce documents are confidential, but according to Page Six, they will share joint custody of their two children: Benjamin, 12, and Vivian, 9. The 45yearold athlete has another son, Jack, 15, who is his first relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan.

Brady’s net worth is estimated at $333 million while Bundchen (the world’s highest paid model) is said to be worth $400 million.

According to the US press, the main reason for the end was Brady’s decision to come out of retirement and play another season in the NFL, reducing his attention to his family.

The quarterback announced the end of his career in February, but backtracked in March and signed with the Bucs for another season. Both the player and Gisele spoke on Instagram about the end of their marriage.