What Shakira is crediting for the success of her new song —

What Shakira is crediting for the success of her new song —

Shakira turned heartbreak into income in record time. Less than a week after starting the collaboration with Bizarrap, a song dedicated to her ex-partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué, the work has had a major cultural impact, whether through memes and parodies, as well as radio and digital renditions channels . To date, it is the greatest debut in Spanish music history.

According to marketing consultancy Findasense, which analyzed the song’s success, YouTube and Spotify pay about 0.0069 and 0.037 cents, respectively, for each play. Considering that these “dirty” ones total more than 84 million views growing by one to two million every hour, the money generated is by no means negligible.

Additionally, the song’s success also “spattered” Gerard Piqué, who was criticized in the song’s lyrics for his current relationship with Clara Chía. The former soccer player, who co-runs the King’s League sevens soccer tournament with influencer Ibai Llanos, has received sponsorship from watch brand Casio, an unexpected beneficiary of the controversy after he was snubbed by Shakira, as well as Renault car brand Twingo.

The company that wrote the analysis estimates that Shakira’s “Heartbreak Trilogy,” which includes the final song and the equally popular “Monotonía” and “I Believe You,” will fetch the singer approximately $19,747 per minute.

It is also estimated that other companies benefited from the controversy, such as Netflix, Jeep, Burger King, Prime Video and Disney Plus; because by referencing the song on their social media, they would have saved about $8,000 in advertising.

These earnings for Shakira draw attention amid the lawsuit that the Spanish Ministry of Finance is pursuing against the Colombian over alleged tax fraud of around $14.5 million. Apparently an important matter.