What Renata Alves and Cesar Filho in the quotNowadaysquot that

What Renata Alves and César Filho in the "Nowadays" that caused fear and wonder in audiences at home

César Filho and Renata Alves interrupted “Hoje em Dia” to share news about influencers

The program “Nowadays‘ is one of the most traditional attractions shown on Brazilian television. Currently shown by Record TV in the morning, Morgenstern features the presenters Ana Hickmann, César Filho, Renata Alves and Ticiane Pinheiro. An edition of the show that aired in March made an impression on viewers when the attraction was interrupted to break news about a famous influencer.

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On the occasion, César Filho and Renata Alves interrupted the morning to share worrying news about Sthe Mattos, a famous digital influencer and participant in the reality show “A Fazenda”. According to information from the advice of the famous columnist Keila Gimenez, she would have suffered an indisposition and had to be hospitalized in a hurry. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed her with a cerebral hemorrhage and had to be monitored and treated by the team.

“The influencer Sthe Mattos, who took part in the last edition of Fazenda, had to be hospitalized in a hurry and is in intensive care, Keila will share the reason and details of this emergency,” said Renata Alves before starting the speech Cesar handed Filho, Astonishment among the public who saw the program. The journalist subsequently said that the celebrity was admitted to intensive care at a hospital in Salvador, arriving at the scene with dizziness, nausea and a severe headache. The news was shared in the program caused fear among admirers and fans by Sthe Mattos, who started sending positive messages to the influencer.

Despite suffering a brain hemorrhage and being hospitalized, Sthe Mattos has recovered and currently continues to thrive as a digital influencer on social media.

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Sthe Matos was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit with bleeding in the brain (Photo: Reproduction)Sthe Matos was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit with bleeding in the brain (Photo: Reproduction)

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