What Pique was saved from Shakira removed some verses from

What Piqué was saved from: Shakira removed some verses from her new song because they were very strong

Almost a week after launch Session 53 continues to advance Shakira’s career in style and After seeing the success achieved, it is the author of the song who gives some details of the composition process.

Keityn commented on this in an interview for Molusco Tv The Colombian was the one who gave him the ideas of what he wanted to express with the song and that he wrote the verses with what occurred to him; however, he confessed that they had to do it removing some ideas because they were too aggressive to sing.

“In the original lyrics, there were a lot of super strong stanzas, but we decided it was best to remove them because we didn’t want to go beyond the bounds of the song’s message. We both searched for the exact point because we didn’t want to go too far, but we also didn’t want to sound too soft,” says the composer.

Finally, the Colombian explained that As with the songs “Te Felicito” and “Monotonía”, he is pleased that Shakira was happy with the lyrics, because he knows he expressed what he had in mind at the time.

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