What it was like for Dayanara Torres to work with

What it was like for Dayanara Torres to work with her boyfriend at the 2023 Youth Awards

This Thursday, July 20th, the Youth Awards 2023the event that aims to honor the most important exponents of Latin American music and that has been attended by prominent personalities including the former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres.

The Puerto Rican model and influencer caused quite a stir upon her arrival on the red carpet, where she wore a stunning outfit Silver sequin mini dress by Gustavo Arangoand encouraged himself to take part in a 360-degree shot that he shared on his social networks.

As expected, the celebrity from United States He turned heads at the event but also shared a very powerful message about the current state of his relationship and how he feels after the breakup of characters like him Louis D’Esposito or Marc Anthony.


During the last edition of “Wake up America‘ the former Miss Universe was quizzed about her attendance at the awards ceremony as the person leading the event was none more and none less than her boyfriend Marcelo Gama.

“Are you stressing yourself because he’s the director?” he asked Astrid RiveraReporter for the Univision program.

“I think he’s a person who gives me so much peace, that’s one of the things that fascinates me the most about him. He’s very calm, he’s extremely calm. Chaos can happen, there can be a hurricane, the stage can collapse and he’s the calmest person and he gives me peace,” commented the season five winner of “Look who’s dancing“.

Marcelo Gama was the producer of the Youth Awards 2023 (Photo: Marcelo Gama)

In conversation, the Puerto Rican model and presenter admitted she has one of the happiest and most peaceful stages alongside the producer, with whom she has been dating for almost two years, but admitted that she has no intention of walking down the aisle.

“I don’t know if I would get married. What I want now is to enjoy this wonderful stage that I consider a gift, it’s a blessing that God has kept it for me to the end,” he reflected.

The celebrity admitted that despite his doubts about a possible marriage, she acts as proof that it’s never too late to find love and give yourself another chance.

“I’m proof of that. I am happy. It was time and I deserved it,” he said.



Model Dayanara Torres is living one of the happiest moments of her life as she celebrates 30 years since she was named the most beautiful woman in the world at the Miss Universe pageant and received the appropriate gifts from the Toa Alta community.

Clemente Agosto, the local mayor, announced that an avenue in the city will now be named Dayanara Torres “To Immortalize Our Queen Forever”. In this way, the 48-year-old actress also received her first major honor in her native country. LEARN MORE HERE.


  • Full name: Dayanara Torres Delgado
  • Place of birth: Toa Alta
  • Nationality: puerto rican
  • Birthday: 28th of October
  • Year of birth: 1974
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Age: 48 years
  • Instagram: @dayanarapr

Dayanara Torres is one of Univision’s most prominent characters (Photo: DayanaraPR / Instagram)

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