What is the unknown meaning of the tattoo of Ramón Valdés, Don Ramón in "Chavo from 8"    Earth

What is the unknown meaning of the tattoo of Ramón Valdés, Don Ramón in "Chavo from 8" Earth

Ramon Valdes made of Mr. Ramon, the character of “El Chavo del 8”, one of the most universally recognized and remembered figures in Latin popular culture. True, the entire cast of “Chavo from 8” is remembered with love and marked in millions of childhoods; but with Mr. Ramon Something special is happening – no other character comes close Guy no doubt has so many fans with tattoos of his face that it’s even beyond the scope Roberto Gomez Bolanos.

Ramon Valdes, was a well-known and celebrated Mexican actor, comedian and singer-songwriter, although he died more than 30 years ago. Don Ramón’s interpreter died on August 9, 1988 at the age of 64. His real name was ramon Antonio Esteban Gomez forest and lock. Born in Mexico City, in a humble and large family. He made his debut in the film Calabacitas tenderas, although his tremendous recognition would come with the role Mr. Ramon in “Chavo from 8“.

Roberto Gomez Bolanospopularly known as Chespirito, was the creator of “Chavo from 8“. In their characters is Mr. Ramon, an unemployed widower from Chihuahua who tries to raise his daughter, known as “La Chilindrina” as best he can; both live in apartment no. 72 in the district “Chavo from 8“, owned by Mr. Barriga. The name of his late wife is never disclosed, nor the cause of it.

Something that always fans of “Chavo from 8“They were wondering what it was and what the meaning of the tattoo was Mr. Ramon I had on my forearm. When the series aired, tattoos weren’t as common or overtly socially accepted as they are today, so a character with tattoos drew quite a bit of attention. Many wondered if this peculiarity was part of the character created by Roberto Gomez Bolanosor really the tattoo was embodied on the skin of Ramon Valdes.

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Now the grandson of Mr. Ramon has announced that it was the tattoo that drew so much attention from viewers of the show created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos; If you are wondering if the tattoo was true and represented one of the great loves Ramon Valdes. In the broadcasts of “Chavo from 8“We could see the illustration on the skin of Mr. Ramon, but few could tell it was a sailboat. “It was a sailboat and it represented his love for the sea. everyting everything forest They loved the sea, for them the most beautiful thing was to be in the sea, to look at it. my uncle german forestHe had three yachts if I remember correctly. They loved the sea so much that they spent half the year there when they weren’t filming,” said the grandson of Mr. Ramon.

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