What is the quotSuffocation Challengequot this new challenge killing teens

What is the "Suffocation Challenge", this new challenge killing teens on TikTok? Nice morning

Trending on the TikTok social network, this challenge is reminiscent of the “scarf game” that forces players to choke voluntarily.

This extremely dangerous practice, pointed out by many experts, is not without consequences, and these can be dramatic, ranging from brain damage, convulsions, and lifelong disability to death.

Many young users have also lost their lives after trying this terrifying challenge. The last victim, Milagros Soto, was barely 12 years old.

The young Argentine was found dead at home after taking part in the Challenge.

The social network targeted by complaints

A few months earlier, in the summer of 2021, two young Britons aged 12 and 14 had also died in the same circumstances. Her parents had filed a complaint against TikTok, which they blame for inciting their children to engage in a dangerous practice.

And they are not alone, because that same year, two American families had filed a complaint against the social network following the death of their 8 and 9-year-old daughters, victims of the “Blackout Challenge”.

A spokesman for the app said the hashtag dedicated to the challenge had been banned on the platform for some time. “This means that if someone is looking for it, they will receive a message that will send them to our security center.”

Nevertheless, the dangerous challenges on the platform are multiplying: in addition to the headscarf game, a trend in the past year has encouraged more or less users … to suicide.

rules of the game? Cut chunks of her lip balm over her anger as she films herself. When the tube was finished, the victim had to mutilate himself or take his own life.