1672679003 What is the Kings League the 7v7 football tournament developed

What is the Kings League, the 7v7 football tournament developed by Piqué and played with cards?

What is the Kings League the 7v7 football tournament developed

Last Sunday, January 1st, the King’s LeagueTournament of fútbol 7 organized by Gerard Piqué and llanos river, in which both amateur and professional players face off in games with very special rules designed by both partners. This innovative competition embodies some of the ideas that the former defender put forward as proposals for professional football: fewer minutes of play, abolition of penalty shootouts, more overtime, etc.

In addition, one of the most important innovations is the role of well-known streamers as presidents of the teams participating in the event. They will play an active role during each game as they can handle it special cards introduced to gain certain advantages or add a disadvantage to the rival.

Content creators such as Dj Mariio, Juan Guarnizo, TheGref and Ibai himself are some of those responsible for these squads, while Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero and Iker Casillas, who recently ventured into the world of internet broadcasting, are also part of this league.

The manufacturer of ibai and piqué is responsible for the organization of this competition. Photo: Ibai/Instagram

Which teams play in the Kings League?

Each consists of 10 players selected by their respective presidents through a pre-selection process, plus two guests who may be professional soccer players or ex-soccer players (such as Joan Capdevila and “Chicharito” Hernández). These are the “clubs” that compete in the Kings League:

  • Swine FC vs Ibai Llanos
  • Saiyans FC-TheGrefg
  • Visitor FC Gerard Rosemary
  • PIO FC rivers
  • Annihilators FC Juan Guarnizo
  • Kunisports-Kun Aguero
  • Ultimate Móstoles Dj Mario
  • The Neighborhood Adri Contreras
  • Los Troncos FC Perxitaa
  • Lightning from Barcelona Spursito
  • XBuyer Team Buyer Brothers
  • 1K-Iker Casillas.

How is the Kings League played?

The Kings League competitive system has three phases: a regular phase, a quarter-finals and a final four. In the first, they compete against everyone for 11 days, after which the top eight on the table qualify for the next round to determine the four teams that will fight for the title.

Kings League Rules

  • Penalty shootout starts at half pitch.
  • Throw-ins are executed by hand.
  • Player changes are unlimited and without time break.
  • Yellow and red cards penalize with temporary bans: two minutes (yellow) and five minutes (red).
  • The first kick is performed water polo style, which means the ball is in the center and the teams have to run towards it from their side of the field. The first one to have it starts the game.
  • Offside is called.
  • The shirts are numbered from 0 to 99.
  • The games are played in two periods of 20 minutes plus a break.
  • Each President can only choose one card for each party.

Kings League Cards

  • Double goal for a minute
  • Triple goal for a minute
  • Two-minute penalty for the rival
  • Five-minute penalty for the rival
  • Opposing goalkeeper without using hands for one minute
  • punish a favour
  • card theft
  • Placeholder.

Where to watch the Kings League?

The Kings League will be broadcast on the Twitch channels of Ibai Llanos and other participating streamers. In addition, the tournament’s social networks will update on the evolution of the same date to date. All games are played on the same day, with an hour difference.

Kings League Ranking

Table of rankings after the 1st date. Photo: Kings League

When will Date 2 of the Kings League be played?

The next day of the Kings League takes place on Sunday 8th January. Each date will be played on weekends through March 19th when the last of the regular stages is played.