What is the blackout challenge, viral that caused a child’s death  ig.com.br

What is the blackout challenge, viral that caused a child’s death ig.com.br

12yearold Argentinian Milagros died after trying the

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12yearold Argentinian Milagros died after trying the “Blackout Challenge,” which went viral on the app

A 12yearold girl died trying to do this “Blackout Challenge”
a challenge that went viral tick tock

. The case happened last Friday (13th) in the city of Capitán Bermúdez, in the province of Santa Fe Argentina
. Other young people died in Italy and Chile while trying to produce videos for the same challenge in 2021.

boy Milagros Soto
An improvised noose was found suffocated in her room, already lifeless. According to investigations by the MPA (public prosecutor’s office), the girl tried to record a video in which she performed the challenge, which consists of choking herself to unconsciousness and freeing herself at the last moment.

How is the Blackout Challenge performed?

The challenge is that the person picks himself up, hangs himself, ties a belt around his neck and only breaks free at the last breathless second. However, Milagros was unable to free himself and eventually died of asphyxiation.

“Once breathing is blocked, the goal is to pass out by suffocation. All of this is broadcast live on the networks and whoever manages it advances in the game. In this case, it didn’t work and the minor died trying “said one of the agents, according to La Nación newspaper.

After the tragic results of the challenge, TikTok blocked the hashtag BlackoutChallenge (Blackout Challenge in free translation) in the application. “We remain committed to user safety and will remove content related (to the challenge) if reported,” an app spokesperson told People magazine.

The social network told Esstadão that it is very sorry “for the tragic loss of this family. The safety of our community is a priority and we take any emergence of a dangerous challenge very seriously. Content of this nature is prohibited on our platform and will be removed if found”.

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