What is the best Airfryer on the market?   Estao

What is the best Airfryer on the market? Estao

“Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many air fryer on the market.” This phrase was repeated by all (all) judges invited by Paladar as soon as everyone came to the test. Not for nothing. To check the efficiency of the devices, the section team could look for models from eight different brands and there are other options for sale too, so if you’re looking for an Airfryer to call your own, don’t you dare make the purchase without first checking the result of this test.

Eight Airfryers from different brands were tested by 'Paladar'Eight Airfryers from different brands were tested by ‘Paladar’

The differences are not only evident in the design of the air fryers, but also in the power and type of technique used to “fry without a drop (or almost nothing) of oil” peculiarities that directly affect the result of the recipes prepared in the small appliance. Other details, such as basket capacity and price, must of course also be taken into account when making the selection. All of these aspects with greater weight for the quality of the food prepared were taken into account by the jury when creating the prize Ranking of the best Airfryers on the market.

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Speaking of the jury, it was made up of chefs Daniela França Pinto, Gustavo Rodrigues, Jorge Gonzalez and Thiago Maeda experts in frying (by immersion in oil in this case) and the reporter who will be speaking to them. Divided into two teams the french fries team and the chicken bird team the judges put the Airfryers to the test, following the time and temperature guidelines in the manual for each fryer.

The results were quite different. While some fryers delivered great potatoes in about 15 minutes of prep time, others fell short, offering versions that were soggy, burnt, or with the characteristics (including the taste!) of reheated potatoes.

When it comes to chicken and poultry, few brands have managed to achieve a result that matches what you would expect from a roast chicken (with dry and crispy skin). “In my opinion, most provided good versions of roast chicken, not fried,” Gustavo muses. Makes sense, because the small device has a nickname electric deep fryer, its operation is more similar to that of a convection oven. Its system consists of an electrical resistance and a propeller that together create a flow of hot air to cook the food.

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Check the ranking of the best airfryers on the market

Model: OFRT950

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Power: 1,300W

Capacity: 3.3L

Price: BRL 559.90 (on sale), at www.oster.com.br

It was without a doubt the air fryer that provided the best recipes, with features that actually simulate oil frying by immersion: crispy potatoes on the outside and a tender and juicy crusted chicken on the inside like no other. The digital control panel makes it easy to set the exact time and temperature and even allows you to pause the machine’s operation every time you open the drawer.

Model: RI9217

Power: 1425W

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Capacity: 4.7L

Price: BRL 799, at www.walita.com.br

“The pioneer, the true one, the number one in the world”, as the brand itself emphasizes, also did very well in the tests. There is nothing to complain about in the recipes: crispy and soft potatoes, juicy chicken with crispy skin. Lost points for the basket grate that had some chicken skin stuck to it. Another point to correct is the button that separates the basket from the drawer which, since it has no protection, can be accidentally pressed and cause an accident.

Model: BFR15P

Power: 1,500W

Capacity: 6L

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Price: BRL 549.90 at www.britania.com.br

In addition to the attractive price and the capacity of the basket the largest among all tested fryers the brand’s devices took the last place on the podium of the taste test for their efficiency and the quality of the recipes. In just over 15 minutes of prep, the potatoes reached a crisp (that actually resembled deep frying) and in under 30 minutes the chicken was juicy and with a creccrec crust.

The champions: Oster fryers, Philips Walita and Britânia conquered the podium of the The champions: Oster fryers, Philips Walita and Britânia conquered the podium of the “Paladar” ranking

Check out the comparison made by Esstadão Recommended

Model: AFN40Bi

Power: 1,500W

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Capacity: 4l

Price: BRL 629.91 at www.emondial.com.br

The square basket (with nonstick coating) makes for better use of space point for the brand’s Airfryer, which also proved to be the most efficient in the potato test, delivering very tasty ‘fries’ in 15 minutes of prep time. However, in the chicken and bird stage, the equipment slipped in performance. Despite the crispy skin, the bird pieces were very dry on the inside.

Model: EAF11 by Rita Lobo

Power: 1,400W

Capacity: 3.2L

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Price: BRL 449, at loja.electrolux.com.br

The devices performed differently in the two test phases and therefore did not achieve a better position in the ranking. While the potatoes were wilted despite their beautiful golden appearance (after 20 minutes of cooking), the chicken with birds retained its inner juiciness, wrapped in an evenly colored and crispy skin.

Model: PFR15PG

Power: 1,500W

Capacity: 4l

Price: BRL 499.90 at www.philco.com.br

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The jury did not like the result of either recipe. The potato, in addition to wilting, “looked like it was reheated,” with an odd flavor. The bird chicken, on the other hand, came out of the basket with some burn marks which brought a certain bitterness with it. A more detailed guidance on the preparation methods (mainly on the amount of ingredients x time) could solve the problem.

Tests included airfyers preparing parfried and frozen potatoes.Tests included airfyers preparing parfried and frozen potatoes.

Model: EasyFry EZFV

Power: 1,100W

Capacity: 3.2L

Price: BRL 499.99 at www.arno.com.br

The hot air fryer failed the jury’s test based on the result of the recipes. The potatoes remained pale and wilted even after 30 minutes of cooking at 180ºC as directed in the instructions. As for the chicken, while juicy and tasty, it appeared to be a roasted rather than fried version, contrary to expectations. Perhaps the low efficiency is due to the power of the device (1,100 W), which is the lowest among all tested Airfryers.

Model: iChef AllSpace

Power: 1,500W

Capacity: 4l

Price: BRL 809.99 at www.polishop.com.br

The low performance of the devices in the test is mainly due to the poor performance of the recipes. The potatoes, which were repeated cooking to remove the charge (with less cooking time), did not cook evenly over the two rounds while some came out with badly burned edges, others remained pale and wilted. As for the chicken, not only did it get burned, it also didn’t have the desired crispiness.

Daniela France Pinto (@danifrancapinto)

A chef at the Cortés restaurant, where she prepares more than seven tons of fries a month, she is also a consulting chef at the French restaurant La Casserole, whose “Maison Fries” gleam in the company of steak tartare and mussels in white wine and herb sauce. Even before the test he thought about getting an Airfryer for home use and now he’s sure he will.

Danielle Nagase (@daninagase)

As a reporter for Paladar, she got the idea to organize the air fryer test when she was deciding to buy the appliances for her new home and got lost with so many brands, models and prices. “Now I have the knowledge to invest that money with no regrets,” he jokes.

Gustave Rodrigues (@gustavo_rodrigues)

The chef at Brazilian restaurant Lobozó prepares a respectable fried chicken the portion is served with pequi mayonnaise and tamarind sauce. He came to the test with an open heart, but found that none of the devices tested were able to mimic the results of frying.

Jorge Gonzalez (@jorgejgonzalez)

He is a chef and partner at Buzina, whose kitchen sends many kilos of fries a month. Thin, crunchy, and slightly spicy, they shine in a solo presentation, in the portion of fries, and also feature prominently in the burger filling that bears the house name (yes, Jorge puts fries in the middle of the burger !)

Thiago Mada (@chefmaeda)

A chef, bar owner and deep fryer, Maeda runs the kitchens at Koya 88 and Bagaceira. Taking part in the test got him thinking about how the industry is working to make life easier in the home, but he believes “there is still a long way to go before air fryers deliver a result that rivals a nice deep fry”.

The second part of the test consisted of the preparation of chicken portions.The second part of the test consisted of the preparation of chicken portions.

Five tips to get the most out of your Airfryer

  • Read the manual: and see details on how it works; It is possible that it contains tips for the recipe you want to prepare
  • Preheat device: With the basket still empty, turn on the fryer at 200ºC for five minutes (or according to the manual).
  • Do not fill the basket: Hot air needs room to circulate; If necessary, divide the preparation into two or more stages
  • Shake the basket: or turn the ingredients halfway through cooking; so that the pieces fry/cook evenly
  • A little oil goes well: add 1 tablespoon of oil for every 300 grams of potato sticks (except for prebaked and frozen versions); In the chicken, add a little olive oil to the other spices