What is ‘Pepa’ Baldessari’s new job after receiving help from Ciro Castillo?

What is ‘Pepa’ Baldessari’s new job after receiving help from Ciro Castillo?

What is Pepa Baldessaris new job after receiving help from

He’s not having a good time. Horace Baldessariknown in the football world as the ‘Pepa’ BaldessariYou are in a difficult life situation. the former athlete He is dealing with a severe economic crisis that forces him to live in a hotel at the age of 64 with a zero savings account, preventing him from meeting daily expenses.

A few days ago, the news shocked many of him fans, who were sad to learn that the idol of the team hoarfrost He ran out of money to eat and pay the rent for his house, so he has to stay in a hotel.

Baldessari receives help in Andrés Hurtado’s program “Chibolín”

When he finds out about the unfortunate turn of his life former soccer player, Andres Hurtado invited him to his show “Saturdays with Andrés”in which, it was believed, they wanted to talk about it, and finally they offered to help him.

Before starting the interview, the popular ‘Chibolin’ He recounted a tough moment he had to live through when he was little and had nothing to eat until late at night. “We had nothing to eat, we were starving. Eight o’clock in the evening and we hadn’t had lunch yet. I took the TV out of my house and we sold it to the first taxi driver who came by,” he said.

Also the driver “Saturday with Andres” he went to Migration Inspectorate to help the people former soccer player return to his homeland Argentina. “I ask you to give us an appointment on Monday or Tuesday to explain the subject of our ‘Pepa’ and the point is that she wants to go to Argentina in the last days of her life,” he said.

The Argentine DT is also remembered for his time with Juan Aurich. Photo: La Pepa Baldessari/Facebook

What job does Ciro Castillo “Pepa” Baldessari offer?

Andres Hurtado he gave him $1,000 from Ciro Castillo so he could change his economic situation and start over; however, not everything would stop there. “Mr. Ciro Castillo sent me $1,000 for you through Carlitos Valdivia, from his heart, from his love, but not only that, there’s something else,” Hurtado said.

Immediately after that, the former athlete was surprised by the presence Cyrus Castillo on the TV. There he offered him a position in the regional government Callao. The interview did not specify the salary or position he would hold; However, it is believed that he will be a promoter of the sport.

So the regional governor promised to give work Baldessaries to get young people from your region interested in sport.