What is Pablo Sabbags commitment and how long will he

What is Pablo Sabbag’s commitment and how long will he be out?

What is Pablo Sabbags commitment and how long will he

Paul Sabbag will continue to be low Lima Alliance for the following games of the Clausura tournament. The infielder traveled to Colombia to undergo medical tests to determine the status of his left ankle injury. When everything seemed to indicate that the striker would return without any problems, something seemed to have happened again and he now has to undergo an operation.

The attacker had little involvement in Alianza Lima’s win against Alianza Atlético in the last game after the start of the second half. Now, Sabbag will undergo arthroscopy of his left ankle, or “ankle surgery.”

This procedure consists of an operation with small incisions assisted by a camera. During the procedure, the surgeon inserts an astroscope into the ankle joint so that he can see all the structures within it. The doctor will use this instrument to find, repair, or remove injured tissue.

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How long would Pablo Sabbag be out?

As for the striker’s recovery time, according to the information provided by Dr. Luis Cotillo, who were made available to Líbero, will be away from the field for about eight weeks.

“On average, ankle arthroscopy surgery requires a recovery time of at least six weeks. If we add at least two weeks of game preparation to the six weeks of recovery time, we are talking about a recovery time of at least eight weeks.” “,” reported the doctor.

In any case, the Alianza Lima club is expected to officially report Sabbag’s status and how he would be treated in his country of origin following his procedure.