What is known about Robert Crimo the young rapper arrested

What is known about Robert Crimo, the young rapper arrested in the Chicagoarea shooting?

Police said they arrested 22yearold Robert Crimo

Police said they arrested 22yearold Robert Crimo

Photo: Chicago Police / BBC News Brazil

After hours of fleeing, a suspect was finally caught.

Chicago police in the United States reported Monday (7/4) that they have arrested Robert E. Crimo 3º, 22, who is accused of being responsible for the July 4 shooting that killed at least six people Lives came and more than 30 were injured (Independence Day) Celebration on the outskirts of the city.

The motives behind the attack are unknown.

At a news conference, police said he was arrested in North Chicago after a police officer tried unsuccessfully to stop him at a traffic stop. The young man attempted to flee but was apprehended shortly thereafter near Lake Forest, Illinois.

The FBI initially said they considered Crimo “suspicious.” He later blamed him for the shooting.

The young man was handed over to Highland Park Police where the shooting took place.

Crimo’s capture ended hours of searching. Police had shared details and descriptions of the young man and his car, asking people to stay away from him as he was “a dangerous and armed man”.


It took Chicago police nearly eight hours to locate Crimo.

Authorities reported that the young man drove a Honda Fit with Illinois plates. His description was “a thin, white man with brown eyes and brown hair who weighed about 150 pounds”.

He has multiple tattoos including one on his cheek with four stripes crossed by another stripe. He also had other tattoos red roses and green leaves on his neck and cursive letters above his left eyebrow.

The location

The location

Photo: Getty Images / BBC News Brazil

The American press said Crimo resides in Chicago and posts rap songs on his social networks.

A profile with his name on the IMDB platform, which specializes in film and entertainment industry affairs, states that “Bobby Crimo (…) is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and director from Chicago”. Authorities have not officially confirmed whether the profile is actually his.

What else is known about Bobby Crimo

Several video clips with his name appear on various platforms and social networks, showing a young man with physical characteristics similar to the photos shown by the police.

In several videos, Crimo appears to advocate guns and school shootings.

In one of the videos, titled “On my Mind,” he wears a military tactical vest and helmet in a classroom.



Photo: YouTube / BBC News Brazil

At one point in the recording, he reaches into a backpack and after a cut to a black screen, the classroom is seen in chaos. The young man then smiles mischievously.

“My deeds will be bold and my thinking is unnecessary. I know what I have to do, I know what it means, not just for me but for everyone else,” he sings on one of the songs.

In another of the songs, Are You Awake, he says he was “committing an act that would define his life through his ability to control himself,” and includes an image of a newspaper clipping about Lee Harvey Oswald, the sniper who assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

What happened

The shooting took place during one of the traditional US Independence Day parades celebrated on July 4th.

Hundreds of people crowded the city’s sidewalks to watch floats, marching bands and performances, according to local media.

The gunman opened fire from the roof of a camping supplies warehouse at approximately 10:15 a.m. local time, just minutes after the event began. He is said to have fired a highpowered rifle.



Photo: EPA/BBC News Brazil

According to authorities, he climbed onto the roof via a ladder in an alley at the back of the building.

Officials formed a perimeter around downtown Highland Park and claimed to have found evidence of a firearm.

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