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What happens to the comedian Stéphane Rousseau? – Tele leisure

2010 saw the release of Michaël Youn’s first film as a director: Fatal, broadcast on W9 on Sunday 23 July 2023 at 21:05. The actor known for his roles in La Beuze (2003), Iznogoud (2005) or Rendez-vous chez les Malawas (2019) plays Robert Lafondue aka Fatal Bazooka in this completely insane feature film about a rapper who is looking for meaning in his life. His main antagonist in the film, Chris Prolls, an eco-musician who does “electro-bio” and prefers to defecate in his garden to conserve groundwater, is played by Stéphane Rousseau. But what has become of the Canadian comedian since the film’s release 13 years ago?

How did the filming of “Fatal” go for Stéphane Rousseau and Michaël Youn?

In an interview with Télé-Loisirs on the occasion of the film’s release, Stéphane Rousseau described his character as “a little more aware, very politically correct. Although his main goal is to sell albums, he’s a vegetarian, doesn’t eat at all, and rides a bike.” Even if the days of shooting in tight pants were sometimes a bit overwhelming, he is happy to be able to share this experience with Michael Youn. The director said of his recruit in the film’s press kit that he “exudes a universal Jean Claude Van Damme side, the way I speak to the earth at large that.” [lui] it rained a lot. In the script, the role was a bit trendier, à la Julien Doré, but Stéphane gave it a more popular dimension, which I immediately liked. He has so much presence on screen, he’s so vivid that the question of whether it was him or not cannot be asked.” Following the success of the film, the Canadian comedian returned to cinemas in two films directed by his ex-girlfriend Reem Kherici: Paris at Any Cost (2013) and D-Day (2017).

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Stéphane Rousseau: from the child of a family suffering from cancer to the celebrated comedian

For the past ten years, Stéphane Rousseau, who gave birth to a baby boy in 2008, has worked mainly in Canada, where he is from. After some film shoots, he worked on the medical series Stat in 2022. On Instagram on March 17, 2023, he wrote: “Last day of shooting on Stat. What an exciting year thanks to this extraordinary project.” […] Despite the workload, there was a lot of laughter! It’s been a great experience… I’m looking forward to the second season.” While he waits, the actor can pursue his other two passions: drawing and writing. While many of his works are available on his website, his first autobiographical book, published by KO Editions in October 2022, allows us to delve into his life and past as an injured child. The Royal Family tells the story of a “family navigating between dysfunction and magic; factory and naturist campsites; incurable diseases [son père, sa mère et sa sœur sont morts du cancer, ndlr] and the party; the unsaid and drinking; The Quebec newspaper reveals that it was thanks to humor that Stéphane Rousseau got out of it and “took a tour of Quebec bars, even strip girl bars, in the company of Roméo Pérusse”. The idea is still germinating in the mind of the one who last went on stage with Stéphane Rousseau in 2016, breaking the ice. In the meantime, it will be possible to dub him a character in Toopy and Binoo: The Movie, alongside Xavier Dolan and Anne Dorval.

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