What happens to Stenio in Travessia?  Helô’s Ex Suffers Horrors From Kidnapping · TV

What happens to Stenio in Travessia? Helô’s Ex Suffers Horrors From Kidnapping · TV

Contrary to what his friends think, Stenio (Alexandre Nero) doesn’t celebrate in Travessia. On the contrary: the lawyer eats the bread that the devil kneaded during a kidnapping. Kidnapped by the Mafia after becoming involved in a scandalous embezzlement case committed by a client, the crook is beaten, tortured and mentally begged for help from Helô (Giovanna Antonelli) in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

For a change, the zeal to serve his client at all costs brings the attorney into this situation. He will not be careful in dealing with the dangerous gringos and will end up in prison. Without giving a sign of life or showing up at the hotel where he will be staying, Stenio will worry Laís (Indira Nascimento), Creusa (Luci Pereira) and even Helô, no matter how hard the delegate tries to hide her feelings.

Devastated, she will start using her contacts and police nose to take care of her exhusband. The van will ask Laís for the customer’s contact information, activate international search engines and set up a task force. Already in scenes that will be broadcast this Thursday (24), the police state that the exhusband’s client is dangerous. Desperate, she will fall into despair and cry out loud.

Things will only resolve themselves on Monday (27th) when the police chief manages to arrest Stenio’s client, who will still have the audacity to create suspense to reveal if the lawyer is alive. However, Laís will have a bad feeling about his partner.

When the kidnapper finally reveals the lawyer’s whereabouts, Creusa’s mistress sends a plane to pick him up. He will be so weak that the delegate will invite him to stay at her house for a few days. But Stenio will not stop being Stenio or hurt: after three days in his ex’s apartment, the rascal will manage to convince her to sleep with him in the same bed.

Travessia is a telenovela directed by Gloria Perez. The action has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonça Filho and takes place in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão.

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