What happened to Max Barrios, the Ecuadorian who played for Peru in the South American U-20 at the age of 25?

What happened to Max Barrios, the Ecuadorian who played for Peru in the South American U-20 at the age of 25?

What happened to Max Barrios the Ecuadorian who played for

This Thursday, January 19th, the Peru’s U20 team will make its debut in the South American category of this category when it faces Brazil. The Bicolor will aim to be in the top three in Group A to qualify for the hexagon and claim one of the four tickets that will allow him to feature at the 2023 World Cup in Indonesia.

One of the last national teams close to qualifying for the World Cup in this category was the one led by coach Daniel Ahmed in 2013. This team included Cristian Benavente, Yordy Reyna, Edison Flores, Jean Deza hardly stayed out.

However, one of the names that is remembered is that of the defender Max Barrios, who became known for deceiving the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) authorities by posing as his identity. What happened to his case and what happened to his life?

Wilder Cartagena confessed that he knew the story of Max Barrios. Photo: FPF

Case ‘Max Barrios’

Her right name is Juan Carlos Espinoza Market and at that time he was 25 years old; However, he posed as Peruvian and as one of the sons of Ángel ‘Maradona’ Barrios. Then he called Max Barrios was called to defend the Bicolor after the passage lap pool j Save LDU from Ecuador to later make the jump there Johann Aurich.

Although he went unnoticed for several years, his case came to light in 2013 during his participation in the South American Sub-20. After the 2-1 defeat against Ecuador, Jonny Uchuari, who was selected from the trio, accused Barrios of not having Peruvian nationality and that he was not old enough (19).

The Ecuador team’s footballer recalled having him as a teammate in Loja League years ago. In response to the complaint, the Ecuadorian FA launched an unsuccessful lawsuit and it was revealed that the player’s real name was Juan Carlos Espinoza Market25 years old, married and has one daughter.

Max Barrios was a member of Daniel Ahmed’s Peru U-20 team in 2013. | Photo: Libero

What happened to Max Barrios?

Although prosecutors initially requested 4 years and 6 months in prison Juan Carlos Espinoza and Ángel ‘Maradona’ Barrios for the crime of ideological falsehood, which never materialized because the footballer fled the country and the case was not pursued.

Years later it was revealed that he was there Club Italy of his country and then returned to the loading league between 2015 and 2016, during which he even took part in the Copa Sudamericana. Then he went through the teams fat october j CD Macara Bto return to the LDU of Loja in 2018.

This was known until 2021 Juan Carlos Espinoza belonged to the staff of the association Atlético Saquisili the Third Division of Ecuador. “Max Barrios” is currently without a team at the age of 35.

This is what Max Barrios looked like at the age of 32. Photo: Twitter