What happened to Kim Kardashian With this radical change in

What happened to Kim Kardashian? With this radical change in her appearance, she is unrecognizable and is compared on social networks to her ex’s new partner Kanye West and “Chuky’s son”

Kim Kardashian surprised many with her new appearance and caused all kinds of comments on social networks. The renowned businesswoman decided to break away from the glamor that characterizes her and presented a completely unrecognizable appearance.

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The 42-year-old influencer starred in a photo shoot for the cover of CR Fashion Book magazine led by legendary fashion editor Carinne Roitfeld. The images from this editorial shoot went viral because they showcased Kardashian’s androgynous style.

Kim Kardashian’s new look

In the photos, Kim Kardashian appears thinner, with a pixie-style haircut, although it was actually a wig; very thin eyebrows, smoking, underwear and even wearing glasses.

On her social networks, the influencer expressed her excitement to be part of this publication again, ten years after her first appearance in 2013, when she was photographed by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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“Crazy. I was on the first cover of the magazine and now, 10 years later, I’m still inspired by @carineroitfeld. I love you,” Kardashian wrote in the post on her Instagram.

For this eye-catching photo shoot, Kim chose eye-catching outfits such as a Dsquared2 skeleton t-shirt or tank top and Falke tights in a shorts cut. According to People magazine, she paired these pieces with a giant sweater from Jacquemus and a tutu-style skirt.

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Kim’s appearance sparked various reactions on social media. Some users compared her to horror movie characters like “Son of Chucky,” while others linked her to Bianca Censori, the current partner of her ex-husband Kanye West.

Comments and memes about his transformation flooded digital platforms, causing debate and surprise among his followers and critics.

“Whoever did this to you hates you,” “This is totally Bianca Censori vibes and it’s very weird”; “Please don’t do it again”; “You look good in your hair, comrade”; “He looks like Glen, Chuky’s son”; “Iconic as always”; “You look incredible,” are just some of the messages found among the more than 16,000 comments on the post, which already has over a million likes. (AND)

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