What happened to Karima from Amici Nobody expected to be

What happened to Karima from Amici? Nobody expected to be unrecognizable today. What happened to her?

Karima Ammarwe all remember her for her great voice, which made her known to the general television audience thanks to her participation Friends of Maria De Filippi.

It was safe one of the most popular competitors, as well as one of the best known and most followed. Karima didn’t win Amici but his career didn’t stop viz it has nonetheless achieved great success. Today she is one of the most beautiful and well-known voices in Italian music.

What happened to Karima from Amici Nobody expected to be

In these years made a career in which it’s grown a lot, even if little has appeared on television, but that doesn’t mean anything, it’s rolled up its sleeves. He still has a great career that deserves all respect. But if we met her on the street today, what would she look like? How has Karima changed over time? That’s how it is today.

Did you know that Amici wasn’t the first program Karima participated in? The singer actually accepted in 1997 Bravo very good and Sunday in. From this year there was a direct jump into In 2006, when he passed the auditions for Amici selection, where he finished third. Later Karima got it a contract with Sony and besides, he won the critics award assigned by the journalists present in the last episode.

Three years later he sang at the Sanremo Festival with the song Come in every hour. In 2009 she also ventured into film dubbing. The following year he released the first album named after him and it was a smash hit. In 2013, he joined the cast of The Best Years, which aired on Rai 1. 14 years have passed since his debut with Amici, so many are wondering how it turned out.

How is Karima today?

Karima now lives in Piedmont and she is a mother, the years have passed and surely she is not the same young and immature girl that she was before. The experiences she has made in her life have allowed her to mature as it should be.

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Today she is a mature woman who has achieved her dreams and has certainly gained more confidence and awareness than when she started. In a recent interview, he recalled his experience with Amici: “I would like to thank Luca Zanforlin, who supported me above all emotionally … I stayed in touch with Agata Reale, Federica Capuano, Max Orsi, a little bit with all my teammates.”

Then he shared about his life after Amici: “After Amici I met a manager, I did Sanremo, my first Ep in Italy and my first album in Los Angeles came out, I dubbed films, opened concerts by Anastasia, Whitney Houston , I have done many concerts and I have participated in Tale e which Show”.

An oddity that may not be known to anyone concerns a recent attendance on June 30, 2022 in LeggerMente: literary meetings where he presented the book The Journey of Frida and Darioa short story she wrote for children’s books.

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It is an audio book with his voice telling the fantastic story: “A journey to make you think, especially for the grown-ups, parents and grandparents who are now the cornerstones of new families. Most importantly, I invite parents to participate to share ideas for reflection on the growth of our beautiful children..