What happened to Junior Ponce The player who tried out

What happened to Junior Ponce? The player who tried out for Barcelona and was signed by Alianza Lima

Junior Ponce He was one of the many players who excelled in Peruvian football for his skill and talent. The midfielder began to stand out in the lower leagues of the Peru team and many saw him as a promise of national football. He even managed to attract the attention of Spain’s mighty Barcelona.

During one of the tours of Cantolao – the institution where he was trained – at the Gotia Cup of Europe in 2010, the 16-year-old forward showed a high level and attracted the attention of the Catalan team’s scouts, who invited some tests in the Masia exist.

Junior Ponce passed tests in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Photo: spread

As the player himself revealed, he had the opportunity to train in the Blaugrana squad and one of the moments he remembers most was the speech he received Xavi Hernandez. After this first experience, the attacker also had the opportunity to try his hand at Schalke 04; However, no agreement was reached and a year later he joined Pachuca’s U-20 in Mexico.

After these episodes, Alianza Lima decided to take in the young artilleryman and it wasn’t long before he was sold to Hoffenheim in Germany. Lacking minutes, he decided to return to the blue and white team and in 2014 he was key to winning the Inka tournament.

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Despite the chances he had, he failed to establish himself in the first team and moved to the Vitória Setúbal from Portugal. He also failed to fulfill his potential in the Portuguese team and after his return to the Inka competition he played for clubs such as Universidad San Martín, Cantolao and UTC de Cajamarca.

Where is Junior Ponce currently playing?

After an erratic run through several local clubs, the midfielder ended up in League 2, playing for the Chankas. In his last season, at the age of 28, he defended the colors of Santos de Nazca alongside the likes of Reimond Manco and Hernán Hinostroza.