What happened to ‘Chino’ Ximénez, a forward who played for Cristal and with whom ‘U’ became champions?

What happened to ‘Chino’ Ximénez, a forward who played for Cristal and with whom ‘U’ became champions?

What happened to Chino Ximenez a forward who played for

In recent decades, senior foreign strikers have arrived in Peruvian football. From Esidio, via Sergio ‘Checho’ Ibarra, Luis Alberto Bonet and now Hernan boats, many attackers from the South American neighboring countries shaped times, not only in their sometimes legendary teams, but also in the Peruvian first division championship. Although the above belong to a select group for their goals and titles, there was one who broke a record at Sporting Cristal and helped Universitario to his 26th star: viz Miguel “Chino” Ximenez.

A ‘Chinese’ in crystal

The Uruguayan striker got his first taste of local football with Sporting Cristal in 2008. In this championship, in which San Martín became champion, the attacker left his mark on the Rimense team scored 32 goals throughout the season. A record that was only broken in 2018 with 42 goals Emmanuel Herrera.

After half a year of poor performances in Libertad de Paraguay, Ximénez returned to Cristal and played two and a half more seasons. In this second period he scored 37 goals and provided seven assists in 78 games. In 2012, “Chino” took an important turn in his career.

The “Chino” came to Peru in 2008. Photo: Sporting Cristal

The fame with the ‘U’

For a college student who was having serious financial problemsXiménez was the cream team’s main striker in the championship. With 20 goals in 37 games, Merengue’s side managed to move up to the top despite less than ideal results throughout the year.

Until 2013, “Chino” was a key player, but the presence of Raúl Ruídiaz relegated him to a backup position. That season, the Uruguayan won his only league title of his career: the 26th star of the “U”. Although he only played 19 games and scored four goals. In 2014 he was disregarded by Comizzo and went through his last phase as a footballer.

Ximénez missed a penalty from the definition of the ‘U’ against Garcilaso. Photo: University

What is “chino” now?

After playing for Maldonado in Uruguay, he returned to Peru with Cienciano, ending his career in 2017 at the Club Atlético Atenas of his country, the “Chino” Ximénez began his career as a coach. Initially he continued at Club Maldonado, then he progressed through Club Atlético Juventud until the end of 2021. In 2022 he arrived in Peru to become part of the technical command of Ayacucho FC, with whom he led the group stage of the Copa South American. After all, he had an important stint in Cantolao until the end of last season. He is currently without a team.

Ximénez as technical assistant in Peru. Photo: Composition LR/Ayacucho FC/Cantolao