What Eliane Giardini took over at 69 and left the

What Eliane Giardini took over at 69 and left the country discredited

Eliane Giardini on using vibrators at 69

At 69, the actress Eliane Giardini surprised the audience with a female empowerment show and spoke openly about the use of vibrators. In a recent interview, she commented on the use while promoting a play being released in São Paulo.

In Indecent Intimacy, in which she stars alongside Marcos Caruso, Eliane Giardini plays a 60yearold woman who, after a breakup, wants to rediscover the world on her own. In it, she spoke to Veja and said she was single, but she wasn’t after anyone, but she was the one, if she showed up there was no reason not to.

What Eliane Giardini took over at 69 and left theActress Eliane Giardini (Photo: TV Globo)

Additionally, she stressed that she was okay with sexual activity, as she defended that she doesn’t necessarily need a partner to masturbate. “I’m not looking, but I stay alert. Anyway, there are other efficient ways to have sex all the time. For example, vibrators: knowing how to use them will not lack wellbeing,” she explained.

Married to actor Paulo Betti for 20 years, she commented that despite turning 70 in October, she doesn’t feel the weight of age. “This number is so surreal, I don’t identify with 70, but I get along with them very well.” said Eliane Giardini.


Eliane Giardini he gave no indication that he went through a very delicate moment during the recording of Globo’s soap opera Órfãos da Terra.

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In 2019, the actress lost her grandson Antônio to leukemia. At the time, the news caused a great deal of excitement among the public, who followed her on the soap opera.

Antônio was only 1 year old when he was confronted with the myeloid form of the disease, but he eventually did not resist aggressive treatment based on chemotherapy. He was the baby of Mariana, daughter of Eliane Giardini with Paulo Betti.

Eliane GiardiniEliane Giardini was once married to Paulo Betti (Photo: Reproduction)

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