What does Peru’s U-20 side need to improve after losing 3-0 to Brazil?

What does Peru’s U-20 side need to improve after losing 3-0 to Brazil?

the Peru’s U20 team was responsible for opening the 2023 South American Championship in Colombia with a painful loss to Brazil, one of the favorites to win the tournament. Although Jaime Serna’s team was able to defend themselves in the first half, in the second half they were defeated by the higher hierarchy of the competitor, although the gross defensive errors of the defense and the Inka goalkeeper also contributed to the victory.

Despite the fact that Canarinha’s preference in the qualifying round was overwhelming, Peru played a correct early phase to the point that they were temporarily superior to their opponent. Sebastien Pineau made several saves in Brazil’s field, Jack Carhuallanqui was destined in midfield and Catriel Cabellos’ protrusions were the Bicolor’s most interesting. Goalkeeper Sebastián Amasifuén also had a good first half, unlike the second.

The changes were one of the differentiating factors because while the Scratch’s variants served to refresh its scheme and consolidate its dominance, the Blanquirroja’s introduction of new elements didn’t contribute to the unevenness, but only proved the difference in the quality of the facilities. because almost immediately it was 1-0.

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The goal was scored in the 68th minute by Vitor Roque, who only had to push the ball after a pass from Lira dos Santos (one of the incoming players). Kluiverth Aguilar that should have jumped to make the reverse more difficult.

Eight minutes later, Andrey Santos made it 2-0 after a series of inaccuracies: aron sanchez Gilmar Paredes weakly rejected instead of “smashing” it and failed to gain cover amasifuen, perhaps not wanting to collide with the rival coming towards him, he stopped halfway and the ball went past him. Before all this confusion, Brazil had entered the area very easily with a cue and a three-finger pass.

The 3-0 in the 81st minute came after a penalty by Sánchez because he couldn’t clear the ball on the first touch. Vitor Roque qualified as the “hangman” by converting his double after deceiving the Peruvian goalkeeper.

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Brazil’s merit or Peru’s lack?

“It was our first game and the truth is we expected a different result. We had a good first half. It didn’t come to that because of our mistakes,” explained goalkeeper Amasifuén at the end of the game, who acknowledged his responsibility in the 2-0 win. And that sentiment lingers with the fans because, apart from Brazil’s undeniable virtues of clinching victory, it seems to have been Peru’s own shortcomings that ultimately doomed them.

Deficiencies were primarily in defence, coverage and physical defence, as the Bicolor barely went half the field and had very little possession in the last half hour. That was Serna’s diagnosis, who pointed to a different strategy for the duel against Colombia.

“We were good on the block, but it took a toll on us physically in the last 25 minutes. (in front of Colombia) we will be aggressive and try not to lose the ball,” said the Inka coach.

All three Brazilian goals came within 13 minutes. Photo: Peruvian team

In a Group A surely dominated by Brazil and Argentina, the battle for third place will be between Peru, Colombia and Paraguay. The hosts didn’t have it easy on their debut as they only drew against the Guarani. For this reason, the battle between the Incas and the coffee farmers is discarded: the loser will practically say goodbye, while the winner is only one victory away from entering the last hexagon. A draw, on the other hand, would end up shattering the illusions on both sides that victory would be the only acceptable outcome.

Peru National U-20 Team: Match

  • Fecha 2: Peru vs Colombia | 01/21/22 | 6.30 p.m
  • Date 3: Paraguay vs Argentina Peru | 01/23/22 | 5 p.m
  • Day 4: Argentina vs Peru | 01/25/22 | 5.00.
  • Date 5: rest.

Called up Peru U20 national team

  • archers: Sebastián Amasifuén, Denzel Caña, Josué Vargas
  • defense: Kluiverth Aguilar, José Amasifuén, Sebastián Aranda, Álex Custodio, Matías Lazo, Gilmar Paredes, Aron Sánchez, Anderson Villacorta
  • midfield player: Gonzalo Aguirre, Catriel Cabellos, Jack Carhuallanqui, Álvaro Rojas, André Vásquez, Valentino Sandoval
  • striker: Kenji Cabrera, Juan Pablo Goicochea, Bruno Portugal, Sebastien Pineau, Diether Vásquez, Diego Otoya.