What does Pedro Pierluisi think of Bad Bunny’s comments about LUMA Energy?

What does Pedro Pierluisi think of Bad Bunny’s comments about LUMA Energy?

“Here in Puerto Rico, we all respect and value freedom of expression, including at concerts and artistic events.”

This is how the governor reacted this Sunday Peter Pierlusi to the statements of the exponent of urban music bad rabbit during their concerts last week.

The young man named Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio questioned the company’s performance LUMA energy responsible for the island’s energy system and made it clear that the contract should be terminated.

“The worst electrical system, the only place I have to put 15 industrial power plants if I have to present myself is here. LUMA for the face…”said the artist.

By the way, he warned that no one would silence him.

When asked if Bad Bunny’s comments didn’t reflect majority people’s feelings and dissatisfaction with his government’s practices, Pierluisi said: “We make great efforts to meet people’s needs in different areas. For example in the fight against crime, to improve our education system and our health system, to improve our infrastructure system with this reconstruction.”

He emphasized what his constant speech has been that LUMA Energy is overseen by multiple flanks such as the Energy Bureau, La Fortaleza and the Public-Private Partnership Authority.

“I’m glad the concerts took place and that they were well attended and that people enjoyed them,” he said.

He recognized that events like the Bad Rabbit concerts contribute to the island’s economy.

“Puerto Rico has become an entertainment destination worldwide,” said the governor.