What did Natti Natasha inherit from her daughter Vida Isabelle?

What did Natti Natasha inherit from her daughter Vida Isabelle?

Natti Natasha’s life has changed since her partner Raphe Pina jailed for illegal gun possession. This is how the Dominican singer has taken the reins familywhich implies full commitment to it isabella livethe daughter that they have in common with Pina.

While those moments aren’t easy at all, the artist does everything in her power to pass on to her little daughter the good lessons she has for her, and in a recent interview, Natti revealed she already has inherited something in life to Isabelle.

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Natti said it’s what she’s already inherited from her daughter, Vida Isabelle.

In the Mexican show “Venga la Alegría” Natti commented on the little girl It seems much to his father, but he has one special feature characteristic that comes directly from you Breast. “It has a red spot that I have on the back of my neck,” assured the Dominican. However, that’s not the only thing that Natti has already inherited from Vida, as she also said that her daughter’s hair is the same as her mother’s. “He’s got my hair, it’s spectacular,” said the singer.

The truth is, Natti is enjoy much this stage of being mother and see how your daughter is doing To learn, just as she enjoyed watching the little girl take her first steps. “Balance is so important because it’s a way to be a part of such important moments as seeing them walk, hearing them say their first words,” Natti said. “She gives me a lot of happiness and of everything that happens on the day you have to find your happiness,” added the artist.

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Natti with Vida and her husband Raphy Pina

Although Natti was also very focused on her career since he became motherthis has not prevented him from devoting himself to it weather necessary for your daughter, something he has learned to deal with. “I don’t know when I knew how to balance it, but I think it came naturally,” Natasha said. “It was given to me to be a mother and I’m looking for a way, yes or yes, I dedicate all my time to her before stepping on a stage,” he concluded.

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