What are the 7 most valuable players from Peru clubs that made the playoffs?

What are the 7 most valuable players from Peru clubs that made the playoffs?

What are the 7 most valuable players from Peru clubs

Australia managed to beat the Peru team on penalties and qualify for the 2022 World Cup during the playoffs. However, Peru marks a significant difference in terms of the value of their squad as they retain a value of $63.2 million versus $53.4 million of their then-rival.

And this is a product of the achievements of those who have known how to excel in their sports careers as defenders of clubs in international leagues, but there is also merit among the players of Peruvian clubs that are very well listed in the national market and with high Outdoor projection.

We refer to the players of Universitario de Deportes, Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal who have outstanding football players in their ranks and who were crucial for this qualification 2022 and hypothetically exceed the $288,000 futures transaction in view of a possible offer.

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Yotún has the best market value despite only playing in Peru

Víctor Yoshimar Yotún Flores, central midfielder Sporty crystal, is the only player from a Peruvian club who is worth more than $2.50 million compared to the other selected who are not currently playing abroad. Which refers to an approximate fee a club would pay to sign him.

Yoshimar Yotún returned after 8 years to wear the “Celeste”. Photo: Sporting Cristal/Facebook

And to arrive at that figure, Transfermarkt had to take into account the player’s age, position and relevance in their team, such as transfers or passes to specific clubs, compensation, performance per season, and national and international experience. And last but not least his vocation to represent the team at international tournaments.

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Concha, Valera and Gonzáles: the youngest and with the best economic forecasts

Alex Valera Y Christopher Gonzalez played their first World Cup playoffs against the Australian team and despite the fact that the result was not at all favorable for them Two Toneit could be highlighted that they are competitive for the next qualifying rounds, a time when they will have more experience and sporting maturity.

Jairo Concha (23), Alex Valera (26) and Christopher Gonzales (29) are the youngest players on the team. Photo: LR composition

sleeve was removed from Gareca’s list. However, if he was called up at his short 23 years and stood out impeccably at the club Alliance of Limathe future forecasts are numerous and his economic forecast together with Valera and Gonzáles they would gain weight. Well, they are among the youngest and top the table of the most valuable national teams that only play in local teams.

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The 7 most valuable selected domestic clubs according to Transfermarket

Transfermarket is a platform that dominates the international football market and has information on the value of more than 700,000 players.

playerassociationvalue in eurosvalue in dollars
Yoshimar YotunSporty crystal€2.40m$2.50 million
Christopher GonzalezSporty crystal€850,000$890,000
Alex Valeraacademic€850,000$890,000
Jairo ConchaAlliance of Lima€675,000$708 thousand
Aldo Korsoacademic€450,000472 thousand $
Horace CalcaterraSporty crystal€400,000419 thousand $
Christian RamosAlliance of Lima€275,000288 thousand $