What a famous seer said about Paulo Gustavo and the

What a famous seer said about Paulo Gustavo and the death of another famous person: "very sold out"

Psychic delivered Paulo Gustavo as he is, heralding a new loss of notoriety

The psychic Érica dias is well known to the internet public because she often makes predictions about famous people and has already got most events right. A few months ago, the personality went public and revealed that she had received a psychographed letter from the comedian. Paul GustavoHe died in 2021 as a result of Covid19.

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According to Érica Dias, she had a dream with the comedian and the two talked: “He also told me that he was waiting for two other people up there. He told me that they would call him because the elevator is going up with two other people, two brothers. And these little brothers made us laugh a lot when they were alive, he told me,” said the seer.

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According to Érica Dias, another wellknown personality will soon disincarnate, because Paulo Gustavo also expected the loss of a moderator: “He said that he is very tired, very exhausted and that he has already seen his spirituality up there. He saw it, the spirit went up to visit him.”

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About his own death, Paulo Gustavo revealed that he would be very upset and still hadn’t adjusted to the spiritual plane. It should be noted that the comedian’s loss caused a major national uproar and was one of the most resonated topics of 2021.

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Inserirumtitulo20220927T222423.455Paulo Gustavo would have spoken to a psychic (Photo: reproduction)

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