‘What a change!’  Arianna looks like a model today: after the exclusion of Amici, the transformation

‘What a change!’ Arianna looks like a model today: after the exclusion of Amici, the transformation

Amici’s competitor Arianna put everything on her body after the disqualification, today she looks like a model. Here is the picture.

Change AriannaChange Arianna – Siciliananotizie.com

Friends of Maria De Filippi in twenty-one editions it had the opportunity to welcome many talents, some of whom, however, did not manage to reach the so notorious evening phase and left the program earlier than expected.

Some of them somehow managed to find some satisfactions in the musical field, while others decided to pursue other paths. But there is one singer who surprised everyone with her physical transformation.

Friends: Arianna’s change

It’s about Arianna GianfeliciSinger who participated in the twentieth edition of the talent won by the dancer Julia Stabile who defeated her boyfriend, the singer-songwriter, in the final televoting St. John.

Arianna During the edition he attended, he caused a lot of discussion during his stay, both because of his behavior and the fact that he didn’t engage much with the study.

This made his teacher angry Rudy Zerbi who at one point gave her an ultimatum, telling her that if she didn’t commit, she would be expelled from school and make room for someone who cared more than she did.

Friends: Here is Arianna's physical modificationArianna Gianfelici – siciliananotizie.com

Despite this, the singer also had an audience divided about her talent and her journey within Italy’s most famous school.Italy.

A number of viewers found her out of place and arrogant and had a very mean voice, while the other half liked and verbally abused her. cerbi to be very strict and found the voice of Arianna unique and special.

However, the singer had to drop out of school after facing a challenge Elizabeth and having lost it, he had to hand over his desk to the girl and go home.

When he finished school he said he had to give so much cerbi for shocking her at a time when she seemed to be resting on her laurels, and pursuing a musical career from that moment on.

The photo in Gallipoli

After the release of the single love really and after shooting the video clip of this song, he collaborated Wishes for the song All our crazy love and is preparing to become a rising star of Italian music.

However, fans did not forget about her and continue to follow her on social networks, where she often publishes photos and where you can see the change that the girl has undergone this year compared to her time as a student of talent.

Arianna, hasn’t given up her bangs but has shed a few pounds by gaining a stunning physique that she’s not afraid to show off while on vacation Puglia to Gallipoli.

For the girl it’s a moment of relaxation before going to work to bring new music to all her fans.