What A 65 inch 4K QLED 144Hz TV at such

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news good plan what? A 65-inch 4K QLED 144Hz TV at such a low price?

Published on 03/18/2023 at 17:25

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There are very few 4K TV models that offer such excellent value for money as TCL’s C73 or C735 (it’s the same). Seeing a 65-inch 4K 144Hz QLED TV is a rarity in itself, but to see one so cheap is something quite unique.

People who know a little about TVs know that TCL is the best manufacturer in the world when it comes to making mid-range models that offer incredible value for money. The C73 has so impressed the small world of 4K TV professionals that it has received a prestigious award: the EISA Awards 2022 – 2023 in the Value for Money category.

For €699 you get the right to rather high-quality equipment and a large television. It’s just crazy. To reach the price of €699, consider the refund offer that will save you €100! Operating the operation is quite simple:

  • Shop the 65-inch TCL C735 for €799 at Darty.
  • Save your invoice and send it to TCL via an online form.

All the information you should remember is gathered here.

  • wait a while TCL will send you a bank transfer. And now the cost price drops to 699€!

Buy the TCL 65 C73 for €699 at Darty (with ODR)

TCL C735: a 4K QLED TV, 65 inches, 144 Hz…

Let’s start with a quick recap of the currently discounted TCL C735’s features. If you miss certain points that are a bit too technical, don’t panic: we’ll explain all of that right after.

  • 65 inches tall
  • 144Hz and HDMI 2.1
  • Outstanding color management thanks to QLED
  • Google TV, so a very ergonomic interface and all imaginable applications are there.
  • Compatibility with HDR10+ AND Dolby Vision

What ?  A 65-inch 4K QLED 144Hz TV at such a low price?

The size of 65 inches corresponds to 165 cm diagonal. At JVTECH, this is our preferred size for a 4K TV. It’s larger than average, immersive and comfortable without demanding too much distance to retreat. About 2 meters is more than enough!

The Hertz represent the refresh rate of the panel. Your screen’s Hertz number clearly corresponds to the number of images the television can project per second. It’s its fluidity. PC, PS5 or Xbox series gamers are always looking for a screen with the greatest possible fluidity. Seeing a 4K television with a 144 Hz panel is extremely rare, even in the very highest price range with several thousand euros it does not offer it. To truly enjoy these fluid images, you need connectivity of the latest standards: HDMI 2.1 ports. That’s good, we find it on the C73!

What is QLED? QLED technology is often found on more premium Samsung 4K TVs. The idea is to use nanocrystals on the backlight diodes to significantly improve contrast and color rendition while maintaining a high level of brightness (best for HDR content).

It’s obviously a connected TV. TCL collaborates with Google for its operating system, so navigating through the menus is very pleasant and all possible and imaginable applications are available with a single press of the remote control.

While the C73 obviously doesn’t compete with very high-end 4K OLED or mini-LED TVs, it will appeal to those on a tighter budget. Whether it’s for gaming or watching movies and series, it’s excellent value for money.

Buy the TCL 65 C73 for €699 at Darty (with ODR)

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