Western heavy tanks Important step towards final victory Zelenskyy cheers

Western heavy tanks: “Important step towards final victory,” Zelenskyy cheers

The announcements of deliveries of Western heavy tanks to Kyiv are “an important step towards final victory,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday, who has been calling for such machines for several months.

“Thanks to Joe Biden for a strong new decision to ship Abrams (tanks) to Ukraine. I am grateful to the Americans for their support,” he tweeted.

“Today, the free world is united as never before with a common goal: the liberation of Ukraine,” added the Ukrainian leader.

US President Joe Biden’s announcement earlier Wednesday that he would deliver 31 Abrams tanks to Kyiv was “a solid result of negotiations with allies and a manifestation of general support for Ukraine,” Prime Minister Denys Chmygal said.

“We will never forget him. The big moment is coming. Democracy will prevail,” began the head of the presidential administration, Andriï Iermak.

Alongside the United States, Germany has agreed to send Leopard 2 heavy tanks to Ukraine, a green light that Norway and Poland in particular have been waiting for, who immediately announced they would send such tanks to Kyiv.