We’re staying in Canada for his eggs!

We’re staying in Canada for his eggs!

You know Woody Allen’s gag about the guy who thought he was a chicken?

Everyone asked his family members why they didn’t send him to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

“We’d like that,” they replied, “but we need the eggs…”


This is Quebec in the face of Canadian federalism.

Why does Quebec still want to stay in Canada when all indicators show that Canadian federalism is damaging the future of Quebec residents?

“We’d love to go, but we need all the benefits that Canada can offer us…”

That is the same. The same crazy answer.

The same surreal situation portrayed in Woody Allen’s gag.

Staying in Canada to reap the “benefits” of federalism is like giving sanctuary to a guy who thinks he’s a chicken because it allows us free eggs.

It doesn’t get up.

In fact, a man is more likely to lay an egg than Canada is to ensure the survival of the language, culture and people of Quebec.


Have you seen the figures on the situation of the French in Canada?

It’s catastrophic.

The French tumble at high speed.

And if you think the situation is reversible, treat your brother-in-law as a chicken.

At some point you have to wake up.

Stop taking wishes for reality.

French has as great a future in Canada as Japanese has in Sweden.

Do you think immigrants coming to Canada will learn English AND French? To respect the courage and audacity of the Francophones who helped build this country almost 500 years ago?

Just take a look!

People who immigrate here want to improve their living conditions. Will speaking French help them get a job in Toronto or Saskatoon? no

Do that.

Soon, if not already, there will be more Canadians speaking Mandarin and Hindi than French.

And on that day the myth of the two official languages ​​will implode.

The representative of the Canadian head of state doesn’t even speak French, Simonac!


I don’t know how Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon manages to stay calm.

If I were him, I would bang my head against the wall.

Quebec has no advantage by staying in Canada. none.

For the vast majority of Canadians, Quebecers are just one ethnic community among many.

French is no more important than Turkish.

Our rejection of multiculturalism is a testament to our blatant intolerance.

And the secularism that we hold dear is a disgrace, not to say a crime.

And we want to stay in this country?

“Yes but I love it mmmmmmmm!” »

And we’re about to zap the PQ and more!!! Cibole, let’s wake up!

When you’re on the mat, don’t be surprised if everyone wipes their feet on you…

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