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Wemade announced a comprehensive skill balance update for its successful MMORPG MIR4 on September 19th.

The update includes combat skill adjustments for all classes, including an additional HP regeneration effect for the Warrior class, an increased invincibility time for the Lancer, additional vitality regeneration for the Sorcerer, increased RES reduction of weakened enemies for the Taoist, and a reset to evasion. Cooldown on some chances for the Arbalist and additional vitality recovery for the Darkist in the Asura State.

In parallel with these adjustments, the top floors of Magic Square and Secret Peak were also expanded up to the 10th floor. This floor can be reached via an expedition and contains monsters up to level 175. Players can fight against players from other servers in the same region and complete newly added missions to obtain various items, including the Epic Moonlight Stone and the Legendary Dark Enhancement Stone.

The 13th boss raid, Frothing Sagittarion, has also been updated so that all players in the same region can enjoy it. 15 players can form a raid party and defeat the level 190 boss Frothing Sagittarion to receive items such as the Epic Dragonsteel Box and the Epic Divine Dragon Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone.

To celebrate this update, MIR4 is hosting the 7-day “Hunting Hour” check-in event until October 3rd. Players will receive items such as the Legendary Hunting Potion and the Legendary Precision Potion during this event. And until October 16th, items such as the Legendary Blue Dragon Statue and the Epic Divine Dragon Enhancement Stone will be available during Yiun’s 14-day Martial Arts Logbook Event.

From my battle to our war! Detailed information about MIR4 can be found on the official website.

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