Weight loss: a resolution for many Quebecers

Weight loss: a resolution for many Quebecers

As body image becomes more important in society, a majority of Quebecers want to lose weight, a recent study found.

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According to the Léger survey, commissioned by ÉquiLibre, 62% of Quebecers want to lose weight, regardless of their weight. Additionally, 42% of respondents admitted to being anxious because of their weight.

Worrying concerns about weight, diet and exercise were also noted. 46% say they control the amount of food they eat and 40% feel pressured to do more physical activity.

These things can make you more susceptible to marketing from the weight loss industry.

“Food culture has taught us to believe that losing weight is pretty easy and trivial. People don’t realize that year after year they make the same weight-loss resolutions that are not only ineffective in the long-term, but also harmful to their physical and mental health,” recalls Andrée-Ann Dufour Bouchard, nutritionist and director of projects at EquiLibre.

The study also found that a majority of women are affected by beauty standards and comments about weight. The latter also find that “weight and appearance take up too much space in public discourse”.

ÉquiLibre would also like to remind you of the importance of keeping New Year’s resolutions in mind, as “the food industry is taking advantage of Quebecers’ vulnerabilities as the holiday season returns.”

The research was conducted in August 2022 among 1,808 Quebecers aged 14 and older.