Wednesday actor accused of sexual abuse

‘Wednesday’ actor accused of sexual abuse

After the success of Tim Burton’s series “Wednesday”, Jenna Ortega received exorbitant recognition, and other young actors rose to fame. This also applies to 21-year-old Percy Hynes White, who has already taken part in various productions but is now world-famous.

However, certain signs emerged this week that have overshadowed his professional career.

It all started when a young woman, who appears on networks as Aries Brunelle, told her story and that of her friend. He said Percy and his friends had been known in Toronto, Canada, since they were 15 for throwing parties, getting drunk on girls “whom they thought were pretty” and manipulating them into sex.

“He manipulated my 16-year-old girlfriend into sleeping with him while she was nursing me from an overdose. He said, ‘Leave it there, who cares? Come and have sex’”, he adds before this last part that this is not solely the responsibility of the actor, but that it is a sign of his behavior.

As the thread went viral, more women defended Ariel and shared their own experiences: “A while back I was close to an abuser because I was deceived, verbally and mentally manipulated, and abused for YEARS by a man named Brycen Davidson, who was then a close was friend of Percy White. I want to apologize to those I discredited at the time, I was alone and hurt,” said Desirée Cameron.

“He had me (Percy) raped in the basement and then worried it was because of the police, not me,” she said.

He also shared evidence that he knew both boys in high school.

Screenshots were added to the stories that would prove that he was also sending out offensive images to groups that included minors.

Neither the actor nor his representative have commented on the matter, and in the face of the silence, netizens are demanding that he be removed from the cast of “Wednesday,” the second season of which has been approved.