Wedding and Emily Garcia and Babal Guimaraes become a police

Wedding and Emily Garcia and Babal Guimarães become a police case; understand Famous observatory

Emily Garcia became one of the most commented on topics on social networks this Saturday (21) when he starred in another shack on the internet about his marriage Babal GuimaraesBrotherinlaw of Carlinhos Maia and even his own brotherinlaw, husband of carlinhos.

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The fight he had with his partner was motivated after that babel after traveling to Penedo in Alagoas, where he grew up, to meet friends and family.


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Soon after her husband Maya Taking to social media to comment on another fight between the couple, the influencer was furious at her brotherinlaw’s interference in their relationship and threw it all at the fan. Via social media, Emile Garcia accused her thenhusband Babal Guimaraes allegedly committed bodily harm.


After Emily after posting pictures claiming she was injured, Babal Guimarae spoken through a note and dismissing the influencer’s stance.


“Those accompanying the couple know how REALLY Babal is devoted to his son and family. Dissatisfied, she began threatening to post photos on the Internet if some of Babal’s family members didn’t delete some comments she didn’t like.began the notewhere he emphasized that there was no aggression against Emily Garciaand that the images she posted were of a domestic accident she suffered.

“Not doing what she wanted, Emily posted pictures of scratches and cuts she sustained in the toilet online and falsely claimed that she had suffered violence at the hands of Babal. Soon the facts will be clarified and it will be proven that the alleged aggressions were not from Babal. How she resizes the photos because the photos are big, that proves how much she plays, she made a mistake threatening me, she sent it to our friends then she deleted it!”said the team of Carlinho’s Maia’s brotherinlaw. soon after, Babal Guimaraes said when you feel tired and complains.

“I’m tired of being humiliated, I’m tired of you putting me down all the time, I’m tired of you dragging my family into everything, our friends, I don’t want it anymore. You think I’m abusive, but you’re the abusive one. For everything we have been through and for our son who will unfortunately have to witness this in the future, I advise you to seek professional help.”concluded influencer.

The two married in March last year and are parents of Miguel1 year.