Weather YELLOW Alertness for quotWave submersionquot on the north coast

Weather: YELLOW Alertness for "Wave submersion" on the north coast of Martinique Martinique the 1st

Cyclone system Nigel, located more than 3,000 km from the West Indies Arc, produced unusually violent swells as it moved. This northeasterly swell is progressing towards the north of Martinique, therefore the YELLOW “wave setting” alert was activated by Météo France on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

On the evening of Thursday, September 21, 2023, a northeasterly swell “progresses towards the north of Martinique”, observed by Météo France radars due to the cyclone system Nigel, located more than 3000 km from the West Indies Arc.

At the end of the evening the first unusually high-energy waves reach our coast. The waves last all night and into the morning. The expected periods are around 16 to 18 seconds and locally 20 seconds. The expected average lows are around 1.50 m on the Atlantic coast and 0.60 to 0.80 m on the Prêcheur coast.

The weather forecast warns of the expected effects:

  • Unusual storm surges are expected on exposed coasts.
  • Localized flooding may be observed at the lowest points of the coast.
  • Boat anchorages can be used.

“The swell gradually subsided over the course of Friday afternoon” (September 22).