Quebec weather Rare heatwave threatens in September next week

Weather in Quebec: A rare heat wave threatens in September next week –

Quebec is facing a rare end-of-summer heat wave starting next week after warm and sunny weather is expected to return to all parts of the province this weekend.

Environment Canada expects temperatures to exceed 30 degrees in southern Quebec during the first half of next week, an extremely rare event for early September.

Meanwhile, in the southern and central parts of the province, it will be sunny and warm and temperatures will rise, but without reaching the 30 degree mark, the federal agency said.

With the exception of a few passing clouds with no precipitation forecast for Saturday, Quebecers will be treated to azure skies over the long Labor Day weekend, which will feature good summer weather.

On Saturday, the mercury will rise in the south of the province, with maximum temperatures of 26 degrees and humidity of 30 in Montreal. A pleasant temperature of 24 degrees is expected in the center of the province.

The mercury will rise again on Sunday, reaching highs of 29 degrees in Montreal and the Outaouais and 27 degrees in Quebec, Estrie and the eastern sectors of Quebec, before rising again early next week, according to federal agency forecasts.