Wearing a mask, airing, closing gestures…: general terms and conditions for the start of the school year    Clicanoo

Wearing a mask, airing, closing gestures…: general terms and conditions for the start of the school year Clicanoo

A protocol on three levels

For the 2022-2023 school year, the Ministry of National Education and Youth maintains a strategy based on face-to-face teaching to promote student success and well-being while limiting the spread of the virus in schools and educational institutions.

All health protection measures adopted at the Academy for the start of the 2022 school year are based on a protocol that provides for the operating conditions of schools and educational institutions according to the spread of the virus.

This new one The protocol establishes a tier that includes a baseline of actions and three levels that can be triggered when the health situation deteriorates, leading to the implementation of increasingly restrictive measures.

The cleaning and ventilation measures for the premises will be renewed and implemented in the classrooms. with the support of local authorities, regions, departments and communities whose employees ensure the maintenance, cleaning of the premises and the school catering service.

Practical arrangements for the start of the school year

The level intended for the beginning of the school year is that of the base. It includes the following measures:

• Students will be received face-to-face according to the times indicated by each school and educational institution.

• Physical and sporting activities are permitted without restrictions indoors and outdoors.

• Respect for barrier gestures

The use of lock gestures remains the norm. These are particularly effective preventive measures against the spread of the virus:

Wash your hands : It must be carried out at least on arrival at the school or institution, before and after each meal, before and after the break, after using the toilet, in the evening before returning home or immediately after arriving home.

Ventilation of classrooms and other premises : All measures have been renewed in close cooperation with the local and regional authorities.

No restriction on mixing between groups of studentsbut large groupings (e.g. events of all students) should be avoided.

No wearing of the mask planned at the beginning of the school year : It should be noted that in this area, the rules that apply to adults and children in the general population also apply to the school environment.

Parents have an important role

The success of the resumption of classes also depends on a good partnership between the school and the families. The role of parents is absolutely essential to ensure the best possible protection for their child and an entire facility.

Parents are therefore asked to make a commitment to remain vigilant about the signs their children may be having. They are asked not to send their children to school, college or high school if they have a fever (38°C or more) or if symptoms reminiscent of Covid-19 appear. It is then advisable to inform the management or the person in charge of the establishment in order to be able to take vigilance and take any necessary measures for the other students.

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