We lost 330 pounds together to save our loves – and lives

We lost 330 pounds together to save our loves – and lives

This couple truly lives up to that vow “in sickness and in health” — before they even tie the knot.

Engaged Long Island residents Kenny Turner and Lauren Harvey lost a whopping 330 pounds together after falling in love in 2018 – and together faced life-threatening concerns about their mental and physical health.

“I avoided almost all social situations and all events where I would have to be in public,” Turner, 37, said of his self-loathing-driven social isolation. “Everywhere I went I felt like the biggest person in the room and everyone was staring at me and judging me.”

Turner had hit a massive bodyweight of 410 pounds while Harvey, 35, tipped the scales at 296 pounds.

“I know the weight took a toll on the relationship just because I was so uncomfortable in general — but it wasn’t until later that I really understood the magnitude,” Turner, a New York State official, told Media Drum. “I knew she was my soul mate. Lauren found a way to love me at my worst and to express what little joy I had.”

Kenny Turner Lauren Harvey“When I realized he was the one, I saw this whole life before me with endless possibilities and opportunities that I never thought I would have,” Harvey said of her fiancé.mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

Turner knew he had to get well for himself and for his relationship with Harvey. However, he previously scoffed at the idea of ​​weight-loss surgery – until Harvey told him she was considering putting herself under the knife.

The devoted “Reverse Enabler” duo decided to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) in the fall of 2019.

Turner has now streamlined to 211 pounds while Harvey has slipped to 163.

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyTurner weighed 410 pounds before eventually dropping to about 211 pounds. mediadrumimages/@shrinking400

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyHarvey weighed in at 296 lbs before her VSG and has now reached 163 lbs.mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

“The thought of having someone go through that process [with] took a lot of my anxiety away so I finally decided to go ahead with the surgery,” he added.

For Harvey, she also felt motivated by Turner to endure the gastric clamp procedure. The surgery drastically reduces the size of the stomach by removing 85% of the organ. As a result, patients can eat significantly less and lose weight, especially in the first year after surgery.

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyThe couple met in 2018 and are set to tie the knot later this year. mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

“Before I met Kenny, weight loss was always about being pretty and skinny and hopefully I’ll be pretty and skinny enough to find someone to love me,” she said.

“I’m so incredibly happy it didn’t go like this. When I met my now-fiancé, I was close to my peak weight,” gushed Harvey. “It didn’t matter. He loved me anyway. He loved me for me and not because of or despite my weight. That was a game changer for me,” she continued.

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyHarvey initially wanted to start the process for weight loss surgery and encouraged Turner to look into the surgery as well. mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

Their diets are now packed with protein as VSG sufferers are told to keep their number one food group. She eats mostly protein and low-fat cheese for breakfast, grilled chicken and salad or veggies for lunch, and a Skinnytaste recipe for dinner.

Turner has a protein shake and a banana for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, he eats three to five ounces of lean protein, two ounces of vegetables, and two ounces of complex carbohydrates.

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyThe lovebirds love to hike and go for a walk together every day. mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

He also exercises at least four times a week, doing weight training, cardio and bodybuilding.

Harvey’s workouts consist of cardio and strength training, daily walks and weekend hikes.

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyLong Island couple Kenny Turner and Lauren Harvey underwent gastric sleeve surgery to shed their excess weight.mediadrumimages/@sleevedbyfire

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyTurner explained how the VSG limits your portion sizes and decreases your food intake because the stomach is smaller. mediadrumimages/@shrinking400

Kenny Turner Lauren HarveyThe officer now enjoys exercising and seeing his body change.mediadrumimages/@shrinking400

“When I was growing up, I really didn’t really realize how much I was missing out on in life,” Turner said. “Now I feel very present in the moment and more active in everyday tasks.”

Harvey chimed in, “Weight loss doesn’t make all your problems go away, but it does allow you to face them head-on without using your weight as an obstacle or an excuse to work on those problems.”