“We found bloodstains”: Enrico Ciccone’s office was robbed and vandalized

“We found bloodstains”: Enrico Ciccone’s office was robbed and vandalized

The equestrian office of Liberal MP for Marquette Enrico Ciccone was burgled and vandalized last night.

This event occurs a few days after the chosen one receives threats. That’s why Sûreté du Québec investigators have launched an investigation.

Enrico Ciccone responded to vandalism at his district office on the airwaves of LCN earlier in the afternoon.

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He claims to be in “severe pain”. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) was made aware of the situation in the morning.

“When investigators got to the office, we checked what was missing, but we found bloodstains. They set up a security perimeter,” he explains.

The constituency office was “violently smashed,” says the elected official, still in shock.

PLQ Chair Dominique Anglade responded on Twitter by saying that “violence, threats and intimidation have no place in our society”.

“The best answer is to keep standing up for what you believe in! I am with you, we are all with you!”

Computers were stolen. Locked filing cabinets were smashed. Blood was even found on one of the filing cabinets, testifying to the violence of the break-in. The thieves even stole the server from the surveillance cameras.

“I would like to warn people that confidentiality may have been breached,” stresses Mr. Ciccone, who recalls that MPs are dealing with several files of citizens living in the county.

“I’m a little annoyed for the safety of my employees and the safety of citizens in terms of confidentiality,” said the MP for Marquette, visibly shocked.

This is in addition to a message left on the voicemail of the Liberals Riding Bureau a few days ago by a man making threats against Enrico Ciccone.

***Watch the full interview with Enrico Ciccone on LCN above***