We find out who are the finalists of Ilha Record 2

We find out who are the finalists of Ilha Record 2

The LeoDias column has already found out who the Ilha Record Season 2 finalists are. Recorded in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, the channel’s production has already filmed the final test and is just waiting for the show’s closing date to air it. However, what they didn’t expect is that this room could deliver the big spoiler of the issue long before the finale!

Just like the number one reality show, Ilha Record’s final dynamic was played by two explorers, and each has an assistant. So far, the column doesn’t have much information on the rules of the race, but found them to be extremely exhaustive and contentious between Kaik (with Solange Gomes as his assistant) and Flávio Nakagima (with Fábio Braz as his assistant). The two compete for the maximum prize of R$ 500,000!

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Ilha Record starts the reissue on July 18th. With Mariana Rios in charge of the attraction, the program promises a mix of adventures with 13 participants in search of pieces of a treasure map to find the R$500,000 prize. Meet the cast of the new seasonPhoto: Antonio Chahestian


Aline Dahlen is 40 years old, actress and bodybuilder Photo: Disclosure/Record


Bruno Sutter is 42 years old and a musician, comedian and actor Photo: Disclosure/Record


Caique Aguiar is 27 years old and is a personal trainer, actor and model Photo: Disclosure/Record


Fabio Braz He is 43 years old and a former soccer player and PR at famous parties Photo: Disclosure/Record


Jaciara Dias is 44 years old, businesswoman and digital influencerPhoto: Disclosure/Record


caique is 19 years old, actor and digital influencer Photo: Disclosure/Record


Kaio Viana is 26 years old and a funk singer Photo: Disclosure/Record


Nakagima is 34 years old and a professional surfer, entrepreneur and digital influencer Photo: Disclosure/Record


Raphael Sanders He is 34 years old and an actor Photo: Disclosure/Record


Bellato win is 22 years old and a digital influencerPhoto: Disclosure/Record


As long as Gomes is 48 years old and is a presenter, author and digital influencerPhoto: Disclosure/Record


Ste Viegas is 30 years old and a model and digital influencer Photo: Disclosure/Record


Whendy Tavares is 27 years old and former Panic, model and digital influencer Photo: Disclosure/Record


According to the LeoDias column, the two finalists’ official assistants were chosen through a game with the Exiles. Alongside Kaik and Nakagima, the other 11 celebrities from the reality show are competing for the BRL 250,000 prize, which will be decided by popular vote.

Ilha Record is always broadcast on the Record TV screen from Monday to Saturday at 10:45 p.m., with a presentation by Mariana Rios and directed by Rodrigo Carelli.

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