We finally have a real choice

We finally have a real choice!

Remember when we went to the polls and we only had a choice between Fruit Loops and Corn Flakes?

Voting was just “changing the wrong place”…

Grain for everyone!

This year the offer on the shelves is really diverse.

There is a party firmly on the right, a party firmly on the left, a proudly sovereign party, a party defending the rights of linguistic minorities, and a party of the centre…

Count Chocula, Muesli, Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies.

Not to mention the Climat Québec oatmeal.

In short, there is something for everyone.

The most important thing this year is to choose the party you want to see in power.

Even if this party has no chance of being elected in our constituency.

The results of the referendum must reflect what might be called “the new ideological geography” of Quebec.

We have many brands of muesli on the shelves, let’s ensure that the referendum reflects this diversity!

History shows François Legault’s party that he cannot claim to speak on behalf of all Quebecers because our electoral system allows him to still be in the majority.

Let’s put an X next to tomorrow’s candidate representing the party that “speaks” to us the most!

To hell with the strategy…

Let’s vote with our hearts!

Duhaime passed the guitar on

What a fun campaign anyway…

The CAQ was like an airplane that gets caught in a storm and longs for the end of the journey to finally be able to land.

Whereas the PQ was like an airplane that would have wished for a longer runway to really have time to take off.

A campaign too long for one, too short for the other.

The newcomer, Éric Duhaime, rose very quickly but leveled off just as quickly.

To “create a background,” the leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party walked past the scraper and picked up everything that lay on the bottom of Quebec’s political landscape.

The problem is that when you pass the scraper in your yard, you pick something up. Flowers and thirty sous, but also apple seeds and cigarette butts.

So when it came time to shift into second gear and broaden his base, people would look at what was lying around in Duhaime’s bag and be like, “phew, I’m really tempted to find myself here with all this what did he catch? »

“Yes, I find Duhaime interesting, some of his ideas appeal to me, but the gang around him? Not sure… “

The Crystal Shoe

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon said the PQ would be the Cinderella party.

As Jean-François Lisée humorously told me on Friday on QUB radio, there is a good chance that the PQ will indeed be invited to the ball tomorrow.

But will voters throw the opposition shoe at him?

Not sure…

Something tells me the PLQ will keep it. Even if, like the CAQ, he danced very badly…

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