watermelon woman?  Aline Campos almost ‘tears’ leggings while crouching and triple GG butt

watermelon woman? Aline Campos almost ‘tears’ leggings while crouching and triple GG butt

What a woman! Aline Campos, model, digital influencer and fitness muse left many people in love this Tuesday afternoon (09). The muse took the opportunity to tip fans off while still showing off all her eyecatching volume.

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“Defeat laziness, day by day. Ps: The day is coming when you will have these fitness looks and exclusive prints!!! Just wait another tikinho,” he wrote in the publication’s caption. For the clicks, Aline Campos wears tightfitting leggings, does a slight squat and, of course, shows off all her good form.

“I will! I’m already on hold,” one fan joked in the comments section. “I wanted to ask, these pieces are yours right,” pointed out another. “My dream would be to have this body, but I would have to be reborn.” be,” said another.

Aline Campos discusses motherhood difficulties with her teenage son

During an interview with Quem magazine, Aline Campos decided to open her heart and comment on her life as a mother. The muse even revealed more details about her intimate life.

“Having a teenage son is quite a challenge. We have to be aligned with the certainty that we’re doing our best, because when we get caught up in the wave of drama and inconsistencies of an almostadult, we can fall into the trap of thinking that we’re terrible moms (laughs),” he said her Alina Campos.

“But jokes with a lot of truth aside, it’s challenging but also an opportunity to learn a lot! I think that the mother who gets through the “annoying” child phase becomes a much more patient person and sees the other with a more understanding look,” he concluded.


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