Watch out for this new TikTok challenge that encourages young

Watch out for this new TikTok challenge that encourages young people to … set their fingers on fire

A new TikTok challenge that encourages young people to ignite their fingers is currently causing a lot of ink to flow. Paris firefighters warn of this dangerous phenomenon.

Young people are obviously willing to do anything to get noticed and get more subscribers in their networks. A new challenge is currently causing a lot of ink on TikTok because of its impact on the younger generation, but also because of its danger. It consists in putting perfume or hydroalcoholic gel on the fingers and then putting them in the fire. The fingers then act as a human torch.

To prevent this trend from claiming more victims, Paris firefighters then took over their TikTok and Twitter accounts to raise awareness of the phenomenon. “In the age of buzz, be careful not to risk your health for a #badchallenge! If you play with fire, you’ll end up burned,” they wrote, urging young people to stop these “dangerous trends”. .

“People who try are just crazy”

The same goes for netizens, who were mostly offended by such a practice. “People who try are just crazy, can we agree?” one of them asked, for example. At the same time, other people shared their bad experiences in comments, telling how they, or someone close to them, ended up in very bad shape. “My girlfriend is in the hospital, she has both hands burned,” wrote one Twittos, while another said he ended up in the ER with “a 4th degree burn.”

This TikTok trend is reminiscent of the “Fire Challenge” that was a hit among teenagers a few years ago. It consisted of setting yourself on fire before jumping into the water. This extremely risky practice had claimed several lives, particularly in the United States. In August 2018, Detroit’s challenge turned tragic for a 12-year-old girl. If she had not succumbed to her injuries, the consequences would have been dire: 49% of her body suffered second and third degree burns.

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