1657021271 Warning Level RED Hailstorm is now raging in Austria

Warning Level RED! Hailstorm is now raging in Austria

A heavy hailstorm is moving across much of Austria on Monday. The red time alert level already prevails in several states of the federation.

At the Monday sometimes moves from Vorarlberg to Upper Austria early in the morning heavy rains and thunderstorms through the. In the south and east, on the other hand, the sun still shines frequently, but there are also local thunderstorms throughout the day. Especially in the southern mountains and on the eastern edge of the Alps, storms can sometimes be strong.

Storm approaching! Map shows where storms are coming

The Austrian Meteorological Center therefore announced the increase in the weather alert level in the morning – the two federal states of Upper Austria and Styria are affected. Thick storm clouds also formed in Vorarlberg and Salzburg, but there is still talk of “distinctive weather”.

Current bad weather alertsCurrent bad weather alerts

But the rest of Austria must also be prepared for severe storms this Monday, because there is a storm warning for everyone – this also applies to the east of the country, namely Lower Austria, Burgenland and the federal capital Vienna.

the perspective

Of Tuesday on the central and eastern highlands, in particular, will be inconsistent with morning showers and thunderstorms, but meanwhile it will also loosen up here. In East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia, after an often sunny start, there will be local showers and thunderstorms in the second half of the day, it will be increasingly sunny at Lake Constance and the Innviertel.

Storms arrive on Monday.Storms are coming on Monday.UWZ.at

At the Wednesday the weather calms down a bit again, in much of the country a friendly mixture of sun and clouds appears. From the Waldviertel to the Vienna Woods and also in the southern mountains, individual rains will pass, in the south there will be isolated thunder and lightning. The wind blows strongly in the east, in places in the southern valleys of Tauern there is a slight foehn from the northwest.

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