War in Ukraine Why does the Espanola Battalion a Russian

War in Ukraine: Why does the Española Battalion, a Russian paramilitary group made up of soccer hooligans, enjoy special status granted by the Kremlin?

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There Russia Several attacks started in the night from Saturday to Sunday drone At Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital preparing to celebrate the anniversary of its founding on this day. The mayor of Kiev said one man was killed in the 14th wave of airstrikes on the city since early May. Vitaly Klitschko.


AT Moscowthe army, which has suffered heavy casualties since the conflict began, is still trying to lure them in new recruits. After offering outrageous sums to expand her ranks, now is the Kremlin rake far.

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“Become a Universal Soldier”

In order to be able to host its soccer World Cup in 2018, Russia was chasing that hooligans. Today she is recruiting them. Indeed, the Spanish Battalion consists exclusively ofultras, these followers are known for their violence. Initially made up of volunteers, then integrated into the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Española Battalion has been reorganized into a separate private military company, allowing it to expand its recruitment. Today there are 550 men, including a hundred operators Kamikaze dronesfrom all over Russia and fans of several football clubs in the country, such as CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiv, Zenit Saint Petersburg … “We tell them what we need, and they provide it,” slips Stanislav Orlov, whom the Spaniard calls the commander -head of the battalion .

War in Ukraine: “Men under 48 wanted, promise of a strong body and 4000 euros a month”, Russia puts together the package for the formation of its new Uranus battalion https://t.co/CULnZtqJoy via @independent

— The Independent (@independent) May 28, 2023

The slogan is simple and effective: “Enter the coolest adventures of your life”. Recruits “will complete a rapid but thorough course in all directions with a real chance—or rather, necessity—of becoming a universal soldier. You will become a real soldier and benefit the Fatherland without delay.”

According to Metro, Española recruits soldiers with proven skills: “Scout-saboteurs, snipers, drone operators, electronic warfare and air defense operators, portable ground reconnaissance station operators, anti-tank missile operators, anti-aircraft specialists, communications specialists , mechanic-drivers and doctors”. Nothing with an association of football fans to do.