War in Ukraine: the stunning photo of a wondrous young woman amid the rubble of her bathroom

War in Ukraine: the stunning photo of a wondrous young woman amid the rubble of her bathroom

One of the deadliest civilian bombings since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began took place in Dnipro on Saturday, January 14. The powerful image of a young woman half-naked amid the rubble of her bathroom testifies to the violence of the attacks.

Wonder. A young woman was photographed amid the rubble of her building which was bombed by Russian forces in Dnipro, Ukraine on Saturday January 14. The 23-year-old victim survived because his bathroom doors protected him from the building’s collapse.

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Anastasia Shvets, 23, appears shocked with her hand over her mouth. The young woman has just escaped certain death. Curled up in the rubble of her bathroom, the young woman doesn’t move and waits for help. Its nine-story building has just been hit by a rare-violence bombardment.

“No words, no emotions”

“She was on the edge of her bathroom, near her bathtub, on the 5th floor of the building that was completely destroyed,” testifies the photographer at the origin of the images with our colleagues from franceinfo. The man says he witnessed the blast and rushed home to get his camera to capture the terrifying moment. “I took the photo very quickly. At the time, I didn’t think about the range it could have,” explains Arsen Dzodzaev.

The photo of Anastasia Shvets, already the widow of a dead husband at the front, went viral on social networks around the world, as reported by our colleagues. Injuring her head and legs, she explained in an Instagram post that she had “no words, no emotions” and “felt nothing inside but a great emptiness.”

Three days after the strike that brought down this apartment building, a total of 44 bodies were found including those of five children, 79 people were injured including 16 children, while 20 people are still missing. The rescue workers announced that the search had been stopped.